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We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that helps establishments earn Illinois gaming revenue with video slot machines, gaming, and targeted marketing programs.

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What Makes Us AWESOME

Marketing for Video Gaming Locations
The staff at our Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator will help boost Illinois gaming revenue at your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal organization. Through traditional and digital marketing efforts, Awesome Hand Gaming is committed to partnering with our locations to increase traffic and maximize gaming potential.



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Illinois Gaming Board Compliance

Slot Machine Repair & Installation
Awesome Hand Gaming provides the best video slot machine repair & installation services in the Illinois video gaming industry – simply because we have made service our top priority. Maximize customer satisfaction with our reliable Illinois gaming machine repair services. Our technicians are able to repair slot machines from the top manufacturers.

24/7, 365 days a year availability

Average 1 hour response time

Video Slot Machine Maintenance

Video Slot Machine Repair

Video Slot Machine Installation

Awesome Hand Gaming is unique from other Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators in the sense that we don’t hold you responsible for most security issues as is often the case with other video slot machine operators.

Complimentary Security Evaluations

Underage Compliance Training

Theft Complaints

Criminal Damage

In 2018, Awesome Hand Gaming hosted over 70 custom events for our video gaming locations in addition to our annual sweepstakes, promotional models, and giveaways.

Customized per location



Increase in customer acquisition, retention, and slot revenue

How to Switch Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators

Our staff collaborates with you to maintain your Illinois Gaming License requirements from the Illinois Gaming Board. In addition, our team is focused on boosting the Illinois gaming revenue at each of our locations. By placing a heavy emphasis on designing a high-quality game room, effective marketing campaigns, and a full-time team of slot machine technicians, you’ll be in good hands.

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How to Boost Illinois Video Gaming Revenue

Awesome Hand Gaming is so much more than an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator. Not only do we provide unparalleled service in Illinois Video Gaming, legal, management, and route operations, we also offer complimentary marketing services for your location to boost Illinois gaming revenue.

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Obtain Video Slot Machines for Your Bar, Restaurant, or Truck Stop

Fill out the form below to obtain slot machines for your restaurant, bar, truck stop, or fraternal organization. Learn more about the Illinois video gaming services provided by Awesome Hand Gaming.

How to Start a Slot Machine Business

Are you looking to obtain slot machines and games for your restaurant, bar, or truck stop? We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that provides high-quality video slot machines along with vital training for both you and your team. We provide coaching throughout the license application process, proper maintenance practices, and even how to keep your slot machines secure.

How to Start a Slot Machine Business How To Keep Your Business Organized Illinois Liquor License

Video Slot Machines We Provide

Awesome Hand Gaming carries Illinois gaming machines from top brands such as Bally Technologies, IGT, SPIELO International™, WMS, and Novomatic Group. We offer our locations access to the best gaming terminals in the Illinois slot market, and our players the richest gaming experience available.

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