From the lights and music of video games to the thrill of chance, we love the excitement of video gaming.

However, there’s much more excitement to come from video gaming than just gaming. Video gaming is contributing to economic sustainability during a time where Illinois needs it the most.

With Illinois video gaming beginning in September 2012, the rise in this form of entertainment since then has grown rapidly. In the first two years alone, from generating just $27,ooo to over $108 million in tax revenue, video gaming has the potential to continue growing and the sources to revive Illinois and its communities in great ways.

30% of video gaming revenue goes to the state. This presents the opportunity for the state to build and repair areas in our community, such as our streets and bridges. Also, with 35% of revenue going to video gaming establishments, the presence of video gaming in our local bars, restaurants, and veterans or fraternal clubs creates funding for our small businesses and keeps business in Illinois.

Awesome Hand Gaming benefits from video gaming in Illinois as well. As a premier Illinois slot machine operator, we are dedicated to our establishments, giving industry intelligence and outstanding customer service.

Being socially responsible in our efforts is very important to us.

  • We care about our gaming establishments and gamers, and we work hard to encourage safe and legal gaming
  • We provide the contact information for crisis counseling and referral services on our advertisements
  • We send weekly e-blasts to our gaming establishments with reminders on how to protect themselves from illegal gambling at their establishments
  • We provide our locations with signs that discourage illegal and underage gaming
  • We provide our locations with stanchion ropes to separate video slots from underage guests

We are grateful for Illinois video gaming and we truly look forward to seeing the growth of the state and local businesses from it.

Learn more about the growth and benefits of Illinois video gaming from the Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Association.