Here at Awesome Hand Gaming, we strive to provide our clients with the best and most versatile options for gaming.

We provide video slots from the following video gaming manufacturers:

Each manufacturer is completely different. They all offer many video gaming genres, making it an unlikely chance of overlap between the games themselves. Therefore, we’d like to expand on who these manufacturers are and what they offer. Given that, we didn’t want to miss our chance to educate the public on our trusted manufacturers and their service offerings.

Here’s a brief breakdown of each:

Scientific Games

Both WMS and Bally are owned by Scientific Games.

As a leading video gaming manufacturer in the global lottery and video gaming industry, Scientific Games created the first secure instant lottery game in 1974. While primarily known for this groundbreaking effort, the company has extended well beyond just video gaming machines. They also offer game content, patented gaming technology, customized programs, and managing services. With over 40 years of serving their clients with ethics & integrity, Scientific Games has been recognized worldwide for their responsible gaming and environmental sustainability efforts.

The most popular traditional games from both WMS and Bally include 5-Reel Video, 6×4 Reels, Monopoly Big Money Reel, and gaming cabinets like Pro Video, Twinstar, and Curve.


G-Tech owns Spielo. G-Tech merged with IGT.

This United Kingdom-based manufacturer is one of the world’s leading end-to-end gaming providers. Their goal is to provide their clients with best-in-class solutions that will assist them in building their business through multiple gaming channels including retail, web, and mobile. IGT merged with G-Tech, which was the largest global lottery business, in 2015. Spielo is the gaming product brand of G-Tech.


IGT offers traditional games in genres including general video gaming, video lottery, SyncSation, tournaments, and AWP. In addition to our diverse group of video games from these trusted manufacturers, Awesome Hand Gaming offers premier marketing and event planning services to help our locations maximize their gaming benefits.

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