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Why Retention Marketing?

It’s one thing to have gamers come to your establishment. It’s another thing to keep them coming back. With the help of your friends at Awesome Hand Gaming, we can make sure that your establishment is the one that people choose every time. How so? What is Retention Marketing? Retention can be defined in two […]

Spotlight on New 2016 AHG Locations

Here at Awesome Hand Gaming, we pride ourselves in our variety of locations, ranging from restaurants and bars to golf courses. We’re excited to announce our 11 newest locations to our roster. Check them out below. New 2016 AHG Locations Porkie Pig Roast Website | Facebook This Woodstock bbq joint started from humble beginnings as […]

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best and most innovative options for marketing. One great option we provide is email marketing. Whether you’d like to inform your subscribers about your latest establishment and gaming updates or promote the latest specials and events, AHG can do that for you. Here are some other ways […]

Advertising Your Slots With Facebook

Whether it’s you, your friends, or your employees using it, you know that Facebook is the most popular tool for online communication. So, if you and everyone else around you are using it, that means your current and potential gamers are using it, too. You’ve seen the innovative marketing that AHG has done for your […]

How the Platinum Players Club Can Help YOUR Location

As you learned in our last blog, the Platinum Players Club is our creative way of rewarding loyal gamers. But gamers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from our loyalty program – your business can, too! Here’s what you need to know: 1. With the Platinum Players Club, you can make your establishment a […]