How You Know It’s Awesome Hand Gaming

By being a premier, Illinois-licensed video slot machine operator for over 75 years, we’ve made leaps and strides to provide top-of-the-line services for our gamers and clients.

From our dedicated marketing team to our awesome loyalty program, we keep our competition on their toes and our gamers coming back year and after year.

If you’re new to Awesome Hand Gaming, here are the five reasons you know you’re playing at an AHG location:

1. You can earn points on our Platinum Players Mobile App Club!
The Platinum Players Mobile App is a one-of-a-kind loyalty program in the gaming industry. Patrons (gaming or not) can stay updated and receive notifications about AHG locations’ latest updates and specials. And winnings don’t end at the video slots. Gamers can collect 50 to 125 points a day for their check-ins and trade in their points for rewards, including discounts, freebies, location and AHG merchandise, and more!

Our locations care about gamers, and that’s why they offer our other loyalty program – the Loyalty Punch Card. Gamers can benefit from giveaways, events, promotions, and gamer appreciation gifts. To add to the gaming experience, many locations like to offer complimentary coffee and soda to their loyal gamers.

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3. We constantly update our games for the best gaming experience, every time.
Thanks to our close partnerships with all of our manufacturers, we can ensure that our machines are some of the first to receive gaming updates in Illinois. And you can always stay up-to-date with the latest gaming updates through our blog.

4. Speedy machine maintenance is our middle name.
Our technicians are known for their prompt service, tending to our gaming locations within just an hour of a service call.

5. Look for our logo.
You know you’re playing at an AHG location when you see our iconic logo! Whether you find it on our gaming chairs, posters, coasters, ashtrays, or other promotional items, AHG wants you to know that we’re here and ready to create an amazing gaming experience for you!

And we want to make sure that you’re doing more than recognizing us, but actively communicating with us as well. You can connect with us through our website and Facebook page, and stay up-to-date with our upcoming events, new locations, and industry through these channels!

Give Your Patrons a Reason to Come Back. Get Gaming Here.