We recently sat down with two of our awesome marketing and promotions employees, Carrie Draper and Samantha Garon. What do you do for AHG on a daily basis?
Whether it be calling, emailing, or visiting Awesome Hand Gaming locations, our daily focus and goals are to make sure our locations are successfully engaging their guests. We ensure that every location is provided with standard advertising material to market the video slots, and are more than happy to get involved with additional advertisement to market both the business and the video slots.How do you provide service for over 180 locations?
By staying organized and being available. We keep track of our interactions and maintain a schedule to continuously follow up with every location. We work hard to develop relationships with owners and managers of Awesome Hand Gaming locations so that communication remains constant and open.

What are the most common questions you receive about marketing?
Typically, we get questions about what can AHG legally pay for versus what the location can legally pay. As a general rule of thumb, if AHG is on 50% of the collateral we can pay 50%. Further, we can’t pay for slot play and we can only pay nominal giveaways.

What are the most successful forms of marketing?
Punchcards – great for retention marketing. By offering guests a “punch” every time they play the slots, it encourages them to visit again to eventually receive the end reward of free slot play or food.
Coupon cards – More recently, locations have been offering free slot play coupon cards. These are great for promoting the business while you’re out and about, as well as cross promoting. Or owners can offer them to guests as they leave, an enticing way to invite them back.
Events – This is the best way for the Awesome Hand Team to personally engage with gamers and bar-goers. This enhances social media engagement as well through fun pictures and videos!

What events are coming in 2017?
Playboy – On April 22, 2017, Awesome Hand Gaming will be in Wood Dale with a Playboy Playmate! We’ll be visiting four AHG locations (TBD). We’ll have a Meet and Greet, signed headshots, giveaways, & free slot play!

What do you find most rewarding about working for AHG?
The opportunity to meet an array of people and build some awesome relationships with people. The AHG team has been more than a pleasure to work with, and Managing Partner Chris McSwain is one of the coolest people I know. We’ve also gotten to know plenty of bar owners who we look forward to visiting with and who are such inspirational people whom we want to succeed both in business and in life.

How can AHG locations get in touch with you?

Phone, email, text! We’re readily available!