Awesome Hand’s 2016 Year-in-Review

2016 has been quite a ride, and Awesome Hand Gaming is proud to have kept guests and locations spinning and winning through every season! Your friendly neighborhood Illinois terminal operator is honored to have been invited to host so many outstanding events this year, and can’t wait to show 2017 how to party Awesome Hand Gaming style!

Check out our AWESOME events from 2016:



We kept the food flowing and the football throwing at JB’s, where one set of contestants provided guests with a phenomenal spread of dishes, while the other put their game faces on. All cook-off contestants earned free slot play for their hard work, and winners Jim and Lynn were awarded $50 of Free Slot Play for bringing the Best Dish! Football Challenge champion Dennis, won his $25 in Free Slot Play by a mere 1 point! We had such a blast eating and playing with such amazing company!



We kicked off Super Sunday with an Awesome Pre-Game Party & Football Challenge at Barone’s Pizza & Restaurant! With over 40 participants in the Football Challenge, and dozens of Platinum Players Club members, Barone’s guests proved to be loyal gamers with a competitive edge! Prior to the challenge, guests helped themselves to Awesome Hand Gaming Giveaways, and signed up to earn 500 points on their Platinum Players Mobile App for attending the Pre-Game Event. Guests warmed up with some throws and some cocktails while DJ Lu got the crowd pumped up with some old school jams! Trevino was awarded the grand prize of $100 in free slot play, along with a Barone’s Gift Card. Barone’s Pizza & Restaurant was extremely accommodating to both guests and the Awesome Hand Gaming Team and we look forward to partying with them next time!



This St. Patrick’s Day, at Halftime Bar & Grill, Awesome Hand Gaming busted brackets again at our 2nd Annual Pop-A-Shot Challenge! Contestants showed off their basketball skills to celebrate the beginning of March Madness, and this year the Luck of the Irish was on their side! Featuring green beads, green beer, and a chance to win some green dollars, the Pop-A-Shot Challenge once again proved to be an event to remember! Challenger Damien, Halftime’s favorite Irishman and a Pop-A-Shot Veteran, was absolutely determined to make this year his big win! It was no surprise when he took the title – Not only is the Luck of the Irish on his side…it’s in his blood! As always, we had a blast with the Halftime Team and can’t wait for next year!



Awesome Hand Gaming took everyone for a spin at Benton Street Tap for our Dizzy Darts Duel! Contestants showed off their dart skills on a whole new level for this EXTRAordinary duel! Featuring the Awesome Hand Gaming promo team, free giveaways for all attendees, and $5 in free slot play for all participants, the Dizzy Darts Duel proved everyone a winner! Woodstock locals were ready to kick off their weekend and participating in the Dizzy Darts Duel certainly gave them a chance to let loose! Participants shot with their non-dominant hand, blindfolded, after spinning around, while sitting in a chair, and with their arms tied down to their sides. There were both impressive and amusing performances to say the least! Andrew, Ilene, and Henry, who took 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place earned themselves, respectively, $20, $30, and $50 in free slot play. The video slots were certainly hot that night, with a number of guests turning their free slot play into double and triple digits! We met some great folks and can’t wait to visit Woodstock again!

Awesome Hand Gaming



Despite the uncooperative weather that weekend, Wauconda Bowl, Bar & Gaming threw a kick-butt Bags Tourney Kick-Off Party! While we can’t take credit for hosting the event, The Awesome Hand Gaming Promo Girls turned up the heat with some AWESOME Giveaways for all attendees on Saturday, including hand sanitizer, light-up poker key chains, and lighters that double as bottle openers. Participants bought into the first Bags Tournament for only $10, and all the prize money was paid out at the end of the evening. 3rd place earned themselves 20% of the buy-in money, 2nd place received 30% of the buy-in money, and the 1st place team took home 50% of the buy-in money at the end of the night. The big winner of the evening was the highest scoring team, Grayslake, named after their hometown! Congratulations Grayslake, we hope 2016 continued to prove you lucky!

Pong Playoffs



July went out with a bang this year at Niko’s Pointers Saloon Pong Playoffs hosted by Awesome Hand Gaming! We celebrated the summer in true throwback style, playing the college favorite party game…originally titled, Beirut! Although we had planned on no more than 16 teams participating, attendees were anxious to get involved, so we permitted additional entries. With a full roster of 19 teams, balls were flying late into the evening! Every participant received $5 in free slot play, simply for getting involved in the competition! Teams strived to make it to the top 3 however, knowing they would earn additional slot play and merchandise from Niko’s Pointers Saloon. Although the top 3 teams were close friends, they certainly put their game faces on for the final eliminations. Team Caitlin Jennertalia took 3rd Place and earned their $20 in free slot play, along with their Niko’s Pointers Saloon Hats. After what seemed like hours, Team Awesome Sauce had come back in a double game, double overtime, final battle! While the McNasties received $30 in free slot play along with a Pointers Hat and T-Shirt, it was Awesome Sauce that earned the Grand Prize of $50 in Free Slot Play and a $25 gift card to Niko’s Pointers Saloon. Not to mention, upon playing the slots, they tripled their winnings! Talk about a BIG WIN!

Cabanas Event



Cabana’s 2nd Annual Bags Championship Challenge was the perfect end of summer event! The Awesome Hand Gaming team was back at it again for another intense bags tournament, and while there were rain concerns, the clouds parted and it ended up being ideal weather for a lakeside party! Many participating teams followed us from previous events and it was awesome to see their friendly faces again! Team “Not Here” came in 3rd place, receiving $20 in free slot play. Last year’s champions, team “Put Hair On It” came in 2nd place this year and received $30 in free slot play. The big winner this year was team “Blackjack” who won a whopping $50 in free slot play. First, second, and third place teams also received $15 gift cards to Cabana’s. We can’t wait to return to this summertime venue for another AWESOME event!

Jenga Joust



Awesome Hand Gaming had a fantastic Friday at the Jenga Joust at Offsides Sports Bar & Grill. We took the game of family building block fun to a whole new level of stacking and crashing, as Woodstock locals came together to enjoy and compete in this unique joust. While we’d expected blocks to come crashing down fairly quickly, these skillful competitors were determined to keep on stackin’! Although most participants had never played Jenga before, let alone GIANT Jenga, it certainly didn’t show! John, Sparkles, and winner Bobby took the top 3 positions, earning themselves additional slot play and gift cards to Offsides. All attendees enjoyed watching the joust while helping themselves to awesome giveaways from the Awesome Hand Gaming girls including sunglasses, shot glasses, bandanas, and koozies. We hope everyone has as much fun as we did!


Neighborhood Inn Battle Pong

Awesome Hand Gaming was fired up this past weekend in Hoffman Estates for the college favorite party Game! Neighborhood Inn, a regular host of Battle Pong, invited us out to take Battle Pong to the next level, tournament style! The bar was bumpin’ with 13 teams in it to win it! Each contestant received $5 in free slot play for their participation. The winner and loser bracket ensured each team had a chance to play at least twice before they were eliminated. Some terrifically skilled teams partook in the challenge, many of whom had surprisingly never played before! When it got down to the top 3 teams however, it was clear they had some serious pong experience. Team Ohio was looking like they were going to make it to the finals, but Two Balls One Cup were ready to end it on a high note. Team Ohio was awarded $20 in free slot play, taking 3rd place. Two brothers faced off in the final, with one on Team Two Balls One Cup and the other on The Big Wittkowski. The underdog, Two Balls One Cup, turned up the heat for the final game and came out on top! The Big Wittkowski earned themselves $30 in free slot play, and Two Balls One Cup won the grand prize of $50 in free slot play! A big thanks to Neighborhood Inn for their wonderfully engaging staff, and for making Awesome Hand Gaming’s final 2016 event such a huge hit! We look forward to taking a trip to our favorite Neighborhood again!

Awesome Hand Gaming will be kicking off 2017 at Sunnyside Tavern for another round of Dizzy Darts. Check out everything we’ll be hosting in the next year HERE…