It can be a challenge to get followers to interact with your business’s Facebook page. As soon as a consumer feels like they are being sold something, they start scrolling. It’s the modern day version of hanging up on solicitors. Click. Something to keep in mind for your social media account is that it’s not like filling in an ad space. It has to be fun, visual, and SOCIAL. How can you get people commenting and interacting with your posts if they don’t invoke a response or thought? Here are five pointers to help engage your gamers on Facebook.

Promote YOUR Gaming Rewards

Do you participate in a Loyalty Punch Card Reward Program? Let’s say you give out free slot play on Mondays between 10 am and 4 pm or maybe guests that purchase the lunch special of the day receive $5 in free slot play with their meal. You probably offer gamers free soda or coffee while they’re gaming. Let your followers know! This is the type of advertising that is well-received because it’s focusing the attention on the consumer. What are you giving them? What features does your gaming parlor have?

Post Pictures of Winners and Winning Tickets!

Let your gamers know when your slots are hot! Whether it’s $100 or $1,000, guests want to see that they can win big at YOUR location! If the winner is up for it, include their smiling faces with their winning ticket! This also adds a personal connection to your social media account. People love seeing the experience your location has to offer by viewing real gamers using it.

Tag Awesome Hand Gaming

Whether it’s a picture of your private gaming room, a video of your players, or a winning ticket, TAG US, your favorite terminal operator in Illinois! Not only do we love to see all the awesomeness happening at our locations, but we want to share your location’s success with our followers, too! Plus, it prompts us to engage directly on your page. This is an easy way to increase your social media traffic.

Start Posting Videos

Many of you already know how engaging videos can be on Facebook, but for those of you that don’t, give it a go! For gamers that aren’t camera shy, record them and their game of choice when they’ve reached an exciting feature like Fever Games or Bonus Rounds. The sound of coins clinking, money singing. and flashing visuals will intrigue followers to click on your video clip.

Share Awesome Hand Gaming’s Facebook Posts

Utilizing Facebook has helped Awesome Hand Gaming become one of the leading terminal operators in Illinois. We love to mix it up with sports, slots, and even a little comedy. Most importantly, we love to post about our locations, which means…YOU! When we talk about watching a game at one of our sports bars or celebrating the Holidays by trying their luck, share, share, share!

For more tips or updates on what Awesome Hand Gaming is up to, check out our blog page or visit our Facebook page and other social media platforms.