Awesome Hand Gaming’s sponsored events have become a vital instrument for our success as an Illinois terminal operator and events marketing company. Our events team is constantly seeking new ways to boost involvement and awareness for the AHG brand. AHG’s goal is to host 50 events per year. However, we’ve noticed that with 200 locations and more to come, it’s becoming increasingly hard to reach them all for events at their preferred times.

While numerous locations wanting to host “awesome” events is a great problem to have, we do not want to sacrifice event quality for event quantity. We also don’t want our locations to feel restricted by time and by our schedule. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips based on our years of experience running successful events that will help you run your own awesome and fun AHG event!

Set a date

Decide on a date for the event that is appropriate for your location and customer base. Ideal event days are weekends that are not busy or undisturbed by other major events/holidays in town. For example, it might not be the best idea to host an event too close to the fourth of July because most people will be out of town or have other plans. Make sure that staff is aware of the date and schedules accordingly; once the date is set, it should not be moved unless there’s an emergency.

Tournament-style games

What better way to bring people together than competition? We have found that one of the most engaging kinds of events is a tournament, whether team or individual. Bags, Battle Beer Pong, Giant Jenga, Dizzy Darts, and traditional pool tournaments are hugely popular games that are easy to play (and operate), get groups of friends involved, and are fun to watch.


For scoring, use the bracket system to stay organized. Brackets display team names and keep everyone informed of their rank. They also inspire friendly – and not-so-friendly – trash talking that makes the game more entertaining. Single or double-round eliminations work best and help event staff keep the tally. Print your brackets here from the website “”

Staff your event

An event is nothing without people there to work it. Staff your event to make sure there’s someone at each station directing how to play, adding to the bracket, offering giveaways and/or free slot play, and keeping the crowd in check. Staff should be enthusiastic, friendly, and hold each other accountable for their duties. It’s the end goal to make sure people have fun, so anything they can do extra to enhance the experience is welcomed.


Above all, you are hosting an event where people can meet to have fun. Something that always keeps the fun going all day is live entertainment. If you can incorporate live music or performers, it gives the audience another interaction point. The DJ/MC can be used as a hype (wo)man that reports live stats, fun facts, calls participants when it’s their turn, and cheers them on. Plus, even those who are not playing feel like they’re a part of it. Who knows, maybe they’ll get pumped and join the next round!

Food and drink specials

If music doesn’t get people excited, food and drink specials definitely will. This is a great time to feature “twofer” deals and signature cocktails or dishes. As part of the night of deals, free slot play should be offered to all participants. We usually stick to $5, but winners can receive even more free slot play by rewarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with $50, $30, and $20 in free slot play respectively. AHG would be happy to provide additional giveaways for all your attendees!


Advertising ahead of time is key to increasing involvement and “buzz” about your upcoming event. Your AHG marketing representative would be happy to help! We can design any materials you may need, including signup sheets, posters, postcards, and more to display or hand out to patrons to give them plenty of notice. If the event involves video slots that involve free slot play for everyone, we can even contribute to the cost of printing!

Social Media

Another important way to promote your event is through social media. Promote the event via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter as daily reminders that your event is approaching. Use Awesome Hand Gaming’s own dedicated and consistent social media following to raise event awareness by tagging or mentioning us in posts on these platforms. AFTER the event, share event photos on social media to show people how fun, well-coordinated, and “awesome” our events are.

Despite technology, word of mouth is still the best way to promote your event to your guests. Be sure that your the staff is talking to patrons prior to the event date to get early signups and generate excitement. Outside of the rewards and entertainment, your passion for the event will get people there and keep them coming back in the future.


Are you interested in running your own event? Contact us to speak with our events team!


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