We don’t need a reason to eat cake. But, we enjoy it even more when there’s something to celebrate. We definitely aren’t ones to turn down a good time, either. So you can imagine our excitement to be not only spreading holiday cheer (in the form of wins) but also to celebrate the gaming birthdays of numerous AHG locations! Lots of AHG locations have December birthdays to commemorate their years as Awesome Hand Gaming locations and signify the day their gaming systems went live with us. For all their hard work and as a thank you to these locations, we think this deserves a proper birthday celebration!

However, there are some preconceived notions about December birthdays. Many think that December birthdays are the worst because they get lumped together with the holidays. We beg to differ. Here are our reasons why we can’t think of a better way to spend your holiday season than helping locations ring in another year of gaming success.


You can celebrate these birthdays all month long! People are already in party mode, with holiday parties galore nearly every weekend. Why not add one more to your list that doesn’t require you to bring anything except yourself – and maybe your appetite.


Chances are you’ll have family visiting from near and far for the holidays. Why not pay a visit to one of the locations on its gaming birthday to spend time together, give the location your best wishes, and have some fun on the slots in the process? If you have family and/or friends with December birthdays, they’ll for sure appreciate some extra love and the chance to share in the December birthday madness.


In terms of decor, this time of the year is when towns and locations alike pull out all the stops. Holiday music, multicolored lights, and traditional thematic dishes all create an atmosphere that says celebration. It’s a nostalgic experience that feels like home and resonates with all generations. What better time to gather with family and friends, both old and new, to raise a glass to the holiday season and upcoming new year!


The holidays bring out the best in us. Everyone – aside from a Scrooge or two – is looking for ways to bring others joy. Owning and operating a restaurant/bar can be grueling, constituting entire days, weeks, and months of work with little to no time off. Our locations would surely value your help in toasting to another year of awesome games. They’ve earned it and would also love the chance to thank you for your business in person!

So, ready to celebrate some birthdays?! The list of locations with gaming birthdays this month is below. The best birthday present they can imagine is happy customers and gamers. Have some fun and show our locations your winning spirit on their birthdays!

Three Years of Gaming

The Kave 12/17/2014

Four Years of Gaming

Big Foot Inn 12/4/2013

Village Spirit Pub 12/5/2013

Crystal Bowl 12/16/2013

Maverick’s Gaming, Spirits & Crafts 12/16/2013

Tony V’s Pizzeria & Bar 12/16/2013

Dwight House 12/17/2013

Kief’s Reef 12/17/2013

Mackey’s Hideout 12/17/2013

Coleman’s in Woodstock 12/18/2013

Ed’s Wonder Inn (China Girl) 12/18/2013

Grand Old Mill 12/18/2013

Jesse Oaks 12/18/2013

Kilcoynes Redwood Inn 12/18/2013

Ortmann’s Red Iron Tavern 12/18/2013

Checkers II 12/19/2013

Prairie State Pub 12/19/2013

Winner’s Pub 12/20/2013

Five Years of Gaming

Hickory Lodge 12/10/2012

Playoffs Bar & Grill 12/14/2012

Have questions about gaming or any of our locations? Get in touch with us here. Happy Holidays from Awesome Hand Gaming!