Are you looking for a way to engage your customers and promote your venue? Awesome Hand Gaming has an exciting announcement that could be a game changer for your location.

AHG is teaming up with UPshow and TouchTunesTV to deliver an awesome marketing opportunity for locations to be at the center of restaurant and bar entertainment technology. With TouchTunesTV, customers share their in-venue experience by posting pictures and videos to their Instagram or Twitter accounts. The posts appear on TouchTunesTV while also promoting the venue to the person’s social media network.

If you have TouchTunes already, you may already have an idea of its benefits. For those who aren’t familiar with the platform, watch the video below for an explanation of how to use it and what it can do for marketing your location.

We’ve outlined four primary advantages of using TouchTunes to leverage your marketing strategy and enhance your AHG partnership!

#1: Jukebox Companion

TouchTunes is a well-known jukebox platform that allows users to pre-select songs from their phones and purchase “coins” that allow them to skip ahead in the queue. TouchTunesTV is an extension of the app and increases awareness of your TouchTunes jukebox. TouchTunesTV displays the current song and the next song in line.

#2: Social Media Engagement

You’ll be social butterflies. TouchTunesTV shows customers’ social media posts on the TV screens. The only way their photos appear on the screen is if they promote your location. This provides automatic remarketing and engagement opportunities to customers. For example, if AHG hosts an event at your location and tags you in a post with the corresponding location hashtag, it would pop up on the TV! It’s the “Jumbotron Effect,” which incites excitement in the crowd as their commentary appears before the entire bar.

TouchTunesTV also has an active social CRM (customer relations management) of actionable insights, data, influencers, and remarketing features built to increase sales, repeat visitation, and customer satisfaction. TouchTunesTV is giving you a way to easily interact with your customers on a personal basis through platforms they actually use; that’s what we call a win!

#3: Promote Your Location

Showcase key promotional materials on your most viewed marketing asset: your TVs. With TouchTunesTV, venues can create digital ads featuring popular menu items, specials, upcoming AHG events, and anything else on your calendar! Users can schedule start and stop dates in advance to ensure these “ads” run the full life of the promotion. You can simply upload an image or video, YouTube link, or choose from hundreds of templates that suit your preferences.

Another bar and AHG favorite TouchTunesTV can help you with? Trivia! Bring out customers’ competitive spirit with trivia and games activated from their mobile phones. This could save your location thousands spent on trivia hosts and costly materials. Users just connect to the website provided on the screen and compete against other customers in the bar!

#4: Live Feed Capabilities

Locations with TouchTunesTV can display live video feed, including humor, sports, pool tricks, and more. You can add feeds of the sports leagues and teams you actually care about, curated right from the most popular social media accounts. It’s also easy to input’s most entertaining channels: Sports, Home Improvement, News, Cartoons, Fear Factor, Xtreme Sports, and the world’s best viral videos directly to your screen.

Would you like TouchTunesTV for your location or do you still have questions? Contact the Awesome Hand Gaming marketing team for assistance!