We’ve all seen the blockbuster films showing heists in Las Vegas where the thieves make off with briefcases holding millions of dollars. While these can make for entertaining television, they identify some real security risks to locations that offer video slot machines. As we have seen in recent news, no establishment is immune to these security risks no matter how big or small.

Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois terminal operator that offers complimentary security evaluations for all establishments that partner with us. As circumstances change over time, these evaluations help to strengthen the security of the building, video slot machines, employees, and customers.

What Our Team Does During Security Assessments

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, our terminal operator staff goes through every detail of the building so it can make the best recommendations and suggest effective changes. Here are a few of the things we look at with each complimentary security evaluation.

Security Cameras

We will examine your security alarm and check the camera system (should you have them) to ensure they’re working effectively. We will also install our own security camera that maintains a clear view of the entire video slot machine area and adheres to the IGB inducement policies. Especially with expensive slot machines, it’s vital you know who is coming in and out of your location.

Opening & Closing Procedures

It is vital to safety and security that proper opening and closing procedures are followed every day in any establishment with video slot machines. This includes proper use of the security alarm, conducting routine walkthroughs, as well as keeping doors locked until opening time and after closing.

Lighting & Cleanliness

The appearance and cleanliness of a business can be a key factor in attracting or deterring crimes on the premises. Our team of terminal operators will also ensure there is sufficient lighting in all areas of the property and video slot machine area to alleviate shadows and allow for the detection of shapes and colors.

Windows, Doors, & Locking Mechanisms

Sometimes a simple door lock isn’t enough to keep a location secure. Our Illinois terminal operators will check all of the windows and doors to ensure they are up to the necessary standard.

Landscaping & Ground Maintenance

Similar to an establishment’s lighting, proper landscaping and maintenance can play a major role in how likely a video slot machine location is to be targeted. While some bushes and other vegetation can be used for concealing intruders, others can be used to inhibit their ability to reach windows and other access points. Our terminal operators can help you find the proper balance.

How Security Evaluations Help

It’s not just for your slot machines’ safety, but yours, too. We are an Illinois terminal operator that provides security recommendations to minimize safety issues. It’s our goal to reduce the potential for burglary and theft at your restaurant, business, establishment, or bar. We focus our efforts on each specific location to make it difficult for would-be criminals to vandalize or steal video slot machine equipment and other materials from the establishment.

When assessing the specific needs of each location with our complimentary security evaluation, we can also determine if there are any particular practices that need to be adjusted. For example, if an employee is leaving the back door open when they go outside to take a smoke break, new guidelines should be set to prevent those potential problems. Along with these evaluations, our security team can also assist with:

  • Underage compliance training for your employees – Setting up compliance checks to ensure your staff is adhering to the law, and assure that necessary signage prohibiting underage gaming is always visible.
  • Customer disputes – Assisting with payout disputes and other slot machine issues that may arise with guests.
  • Theft complaints – Occasionally someone’s purse may go missing or an individual will cash out another person’s ticket. We can work with local police on the customer’s’ behalf.
  • Criminal damage – AHG can help find individuals who break or tamper with any video slot machine and gaming equipment.
  • State and local gaming and liquor-related issues – Help ensure all of the proper licenses are posted within view and are always up-to-date.


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