You’ve been running a successful business or have everything in place to get it up and running. As an industry veteran, you’ve certainly seen how adding video gaming to establishments can help attract more customers and boost bottom lines. You’ve done your research and have chosen to partner with Illinois’ leading Terminal Operator, Awesome Hand Gaming. You’ve signed the agreement and let Awesome Hand Gaming guide you in applying for your gaming license.

Once the agreement has been submitted, fingerprinting is completed, and the background check has been performed, the Illinois Gaming Board will schedule for a special agent to come out and conduct a site inspection at your establishment. To ensure this is as seamless as possible, Awesome Hand Gaming reminds you to gather the required documents and ensure you have all the licenses available. To help streamline this process even more, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the nine things you’ll need to prepare for your AHG site inspection.

1. State Liquor License

One of the first things you’ll need to have ready is your state liquor license. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has made renewing your license easier than ever with their new online system. It is as simple as setting up an online account, registering your location and brands, then renewing it when needed.

2. Local Liquor License

In addition to your state liquor license, you will also need to provide your local approval and certificate of insurance. If yours is not current, be sure to contact your local ABC agency to get the necessary forms filled out and submitted for renewal. The license must be up-to-date for your site inspection.

3. Liquor Inspection Report

Along the same vein, the most recent copy of your liquor inspection report will also be required for your site assessment. This will be part of your licensing renewal, so you should already have this report in your files. The IGB special agent will need full access to review this report, as well as the previously mentioned licenses.

4. Drivers Licenses

In addition to the owners having their fingerprints registered, the inspector will also need a copy of each owner’s drivers license. If the video gaming manager is not an owner, his or her fingerprints and driver’s license will be needed as well.

5. Lease Agreement

If you don’t own the building where you are located, please prepare a copy of your lease agreement to give the investigator at the site inspection. They will also request to see the proposed area where you plan to use the video gaming machines. The surrounding area, including the floors, bar, and coolers, will all need to be finished prior to the inspection.

6. Illinois Business Tax Authorization

In order to conduct any business in Illinois, you must be registered with the Illinois Department of Revenue. This includes obtaining an IDOR Account ID, also known as an Illinois Business Tax Number (IBT). You’ll also be required to present your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) to confirm you are prepared for federal taxes.

7. Gaming Agreement

A copy of your gaming agreement between you and AHG is also required (the AHG representative will likely bring an additional copy). This agreement will have a detailed summary regarding the memorandum of understanding, federal gaming procedures, consumer protection specifics, and the division of special revenue. Additional information will be listed on an as needed basis for each location’s agreement.

8. Department of Justice Registration Letter

AHG handles the process of sending in your gambling device registration to the Department of Justice on behalf of your business. A copy of your Department of Justice Registration letter will be sent to both your email and Awesome Hand Gaming, who will bring it to the site inspection.

9. Pictures

It is pertinent that all owners and video gaming managers be present for the inspection and are prepared to have their picture taken. The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) requires updated identification photos on file for security purposes. They are also used to verify the individuals who are qualified to access confidential information and to prevent fraud.

Ready for your Site Inspection?

Once you’ve gone through the aforementioned steps, your location’s application will be sent to the Illinois Gaming Board for a vote. This meeting typically happens once a month.

Awesome Hand Gaming’s team of slot machine and gaming experts will be present and engaged throughout this entire process to ensure your video gaming license is acquired the right way. Once you have your license, our team will install up to five slot machines.

If you have any questions about this process, or if you’re interested in putting Awesome Hand Gaming slot terminals in your location, click the button below to email us. Get gaming today!