If there’s one thing Awesome Hand Gaming promises beyond exceptional Illinois video gaming services and commitment to our gamers, it’s to NEVER forget 2018. From new events to new slot machine and gaming locations, 2018 was jam-packed with amazing experiences that kept everyone on their toes!

Join us on a quick walk down memory lane to commemorate just how #AWESOME this year was for Awesome Hand Gaming.

New Illinois Slot Machine & Gaming Events & Locations

AHG Events: 55 & Counting!
New Locations: 15 & Counting!
AHG Promotional Events: 74 & Counting!
New Employees: 5 & Counting!

Never-been-done AHG Events: 20+
(Giant KerPlunk, Life-Size Battleships, Zorb Racing, N64 Tournaments, Decade Themed Nights, Trivia, Glow in the Dark Battle Pong, Pong Towers, Car Shows, Pig Roasts, Amature Arm Wrestling Tournament,  Taco Battle Tournament, Flip Cup Tournament, Speed Pool Tournament, Silver Strike Bowling Tournament, Putter Cups, Singles Mixers, just to name a few!)

AHG Partnerships: 20+
(Crystal Lake Brewery, Lagunitas Brewery, Star 105.5, Kiss My Coolie Cancer Foundation, BeCureful, Toys For Tots, Playboy, Chicago Country LakeShake, Lanzol Tequila, Pistakee Bay Fireworks, Lung Force, Odd Fellows Elgin Lode #12, just to name a few)


Spotlights: Events of 2018 at Our Illinois Video Gaming Locations

January: Silver Strike Bowling Tournament at Hilltop Lounge in Ingleside

As they say, “Bowling is a sport for people with talent to spare” (wink, wink). Even though bowling puns are right up our alley (get it?), we certainly took our first-ever Silver Strike Bowling Tournament seriously! We kicked off 2018 with what turned out to be one of our new favorite events!

February: Glow-in-the-Dark Battle Pong Tournament at At Work in Elk Grove

Hello darkness, our old friend: You’re much more fun with glow-in-the-dark games. We hosted our first ever Glow-in-the-Dark Battle Pong Tournament – and you guessed it, it was an #AWESOME time.

March: Fourth Annual Pop-A-Shot Tournament at Halftime Sports Bar & Grill in Johnsburg

We popped, locked, and dropped it all over Halftime Bar & Grill on March 15th for a night that went down as one of the best plays we’ve ever made. This crowd favorite remains our favorite way to kick off March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

April: Trivia Night at VFW Post 2149 in Wood Dale

Whether gamers brought a team or joined a table, they all put on their thinking caps! VFW Post 2149 in Wood Dale partnered with us to host their first ever Trivia Night on April 20th! From unique questions to innovative halftime and Jeopardy rounds, it’s safe to say we could see the wheels turning and the tension building all evening long at this Illinois video gaming location!

May: Cinco De Mayo Bar Olympics at Hickory Lodge in McCullom Lake

Cinco De Mayo – more like Cinco De Fuego! This Bar Olympics was LIT. From the drinks specials to the themed prizes and giveaways, Awesome Hand Gaming worked with the staff at this Illinois video gaming location to ensure this event was one for the books! Our Taco Battle Tournament, Mexican Jumping Bean Challenge, and other innovative games offered something loco for everyone!

June: Traditional Battle Pong Tournament at Fire & Ice Smokehouse & Creamery in Marengo

BBQ and ice cream: Could there BE better Friday night treats?! When paired with a FREE Battle Pong Tournament, who could say no? (Anyone…? That’s what we thought.) The Awesome Hand Gaming team kept the momentum going this summer at Fire & Ice Smokehouse and Creamery in Marengo, by taking this old-school college hit game to a whole new level, tournament style!

July: Zorb Racing Tournament at Looney’s Pub in Antioch

Bubble Ball Racing, Human Hamster Ball, Zorb Racing; whatever you want to call it, we don’t mind – we just call it an AWESOME time. This July, Awesome Hand Gaming partnered up with some BIG LEAGUE names – Crystal Lake Brewery, Looney’s Pub, and Bella’s Bouncies to name a few – for our very first Zorb Racing Tournament! This was truly is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity.

August: Life-Size Battleships Tournament at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg

HOLY SHIP. AHG brought down clouds of thunder, sunk ships, and took prisoners in our crafty brand new summer game! We combined one of the most memorable games from your childhood with another from your college years to create a spin-off all our own. That’s right! We successfully merged Battleships with Battle Pong, making this event a BATTLE to remember.

September: 2018 Playboy Meet & Greet | Double Trouble in Hoffman Estates

Oops, we did it again. Awesome Hand Gaming hosted our 3rd Annual Playboy Meet & Greet that was double the trouble and double the fun. How? This year, there were not one, but TWO Playboy Playmates: Crystal McCahill and Raquel Pomplun! The evening was smokin’ hot – dare we say, even hotter than the slots? Well, probably not, but pretty darn close!

October: Life-Size Battle Pong at Leona’s Restaurant and Pizzeria in Elk Grove

Pizza, beer, and Life-Size Battle Pong?! We know what you’re thinking…”Sign me up!” On Saturday, October 13th, AHG and our loyal gamers took ping pong to new heights with our Life-Size Battle Pong! From the super smells of freshly cooked pizza to the super space for some supersized pong, everything came together in an #AWESOME fashion.

November: Singles Mixer at Bar Down Sports Grill

On Saturday, November 17th AHG teamed up with Bar Down Sports Grill in Hoffman Estates, for our second Singles Party! This might have sounded too good to be true for some – but, unlike a bad boy/girlfriend, we wouldn’t lead gamers on like that! This Bar Olympic-style event wasn’t the only thing that was heating up! Some loyal gamers might have even found Mr. or Mrs. Right, thanks to the AHG promo team!

December: 80’s Night & Bar Olympics at C’Mon Inn in Grayslake

Ahh, the 80’s – just thinking about it gives us all the feels. From Walkmans to the biggest hair, we just wish we could go back from the future. Lucky for you, you don’t need a DeLorean to go back in time. We at Awesome Hand Gaming hosted our FIRST EVER 80’s-themed Bar Olympics on Saturday, December 29th! Bust out your leg warmers, parachute pants, and shoulder pads, because we just wanna have fun and dance with somebody.