Running a business always has its ups and downs. But if you’re looking to make a serious increase to your bottom line, it may be time to consider adding video gaming terminals to your establishment.

Once your restaurant or bar starts using video slot machines, you can immediately begin generating Illinois gaming revenue to grow your business. And instead of simply pocketing the added revenue, you can use your added funds to improve your business. From expanding your food menu to improving your digital marketing plan, your video game revenue can give you great returns as you grow your business.

Expand Your Food MenuExpand Your Food Menu

Your Illinois gaming revenue opens up numerous business opportunities at your restaurant or bar. Once you have more customers, you can afford to expand or upgrade your menu. Basically, added customers mean you can operate at an economy of scale. 

The boost in revenue also allows you to invest in other parts of your restaurant. Before, customers were merely picking between your cuisine and a restaurant with the same cuisine. Now, your added menu items can offer a way to differentiate yourself among similar restaurants and Illinois video gaming locations. 

Upgrade Your Drink Menu Upgrade Your Drink Menu 

Once you start getting your Illinois slot machines revenue, you can also invest in additional list items on your drink menu. By reinvesting your earnings, you basically increase your overall return on investment (ROI) from your Illinois gaming machines. Plus, a better drink menu could attract a larger after-work crowd, dinner crowd, and the likes. 

Game Room Upgrades 

As your Illinois gaming revenue increases, you can invest some of your earnings from your slot machines back into your gaming space. A private game room upgrade gives your guests an incentive to return and play your Illinois slot machines. Your upgrades can be anything from the room itself to a space “face-lift.” 

Consider the room’s decor and functionality. A new audio system, air conditioners, heaters, lights, flooring, or windows can make your client’s experience more enjoyable. You can also consider room upgrades like cup holders, phone chargers, televisions, side tables, and extra chairs. Are you looking to switch to Awesome Hand Gaming to obtain video slot machines and boost your Illinois gaming revenue? Fill out our Get Gaming Form to receive assistance with obtaining an Illinois Liquor License, Gaming License, and video slot machines. 

Using Your Illinois Gaming Revenue for Digital Marketing 

Today, 82% of smartphone users consult their phones about a purchase before they buy anything. 45% of smartphone users also read reviews before they make a purchase. If you want your bar or restaurant to succeed, you should have an online presence and high-quality reviews of your establishment. 

Create a Google My Business Listing to Boost Illinois Gaming Revenue

One way to do this is by improving your digital marketing efforts. Tools like Google My Business allow you to claim your business, market your listing, add business hours, publish photos, promote events, and publish specials. Plus, It also gives you the ability to interact with your customers and receive online reviews of your company.

Create Brand Awareness With Facebook & Google Ads

You should apply your Illinois gaming revenue towards platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to promote your video slot machines and bar or restaurant. Both are great for targeting specific demographics and for reaching a large audience of people.

When you use techniques like Google Ads, you pay per click (PPC). This means you only have to pay Google for your advertisements when someone clicks on the ads. You also get to target your advertising strategy by narrowing down the audience to people who are already looking for restaurants with slot machines near them.

Get Found By Customers With SEO Optimizations

Your added revenue from video slot machines also makes it easier to keep up with current SEO trends so that your website and content are able to attract attention and bring in organic traffic from customers that are searching for your restaurant, bar, and slot machines.

The Current State of Illinois Gaming The Current State of Illinois Gaming 

Today, restaurants and bars in Illinois can have six video gaming terminals or slot machines in their establishment. The S 690 Gaming Expansion Bill allowed licensed, large truck stops to have up to 10 terminals.

Illinois has also changed the size of winning hands and other features. With the new Illinois gaming machine bill, clients can place a $4 max bet, they can win up to $1,199 in a single hand, and progressive jackpots have gone up to $10,000 from VGTs in a single location. In addition, the Illinois Gaming Board agents no longer have to be present at our business for things like repairs and routine maintenance.

Illinois Is Poised to Become a Gaming Capital Illinois Is Poised to Become a Gaming Capital 

All of these changes to Illinois gaming revenue mean Illinois is ready to become a gaming powerhouse. Soon, Illinois will have five new casinos built in the area. Smaller restaurants and bars can enjoy adding to their video game revenue through provisions for an extra slot machine per location.

While the Illinois Chicagoland Area may be known for its deep-dish pizza, it is quickly gaining recognition for its variety of gambling options. S 690 means just about every kind of legal gaming is now possible within the state. The state expects to bring in $200 million from the licensing fees for legalized sports betting alone. 

The laws now allow for 2,000 gaming positions at each casino and 4,000 gaming positions for Chicago casinos. There will be a new racetrack, new video gaming machines, and a new megacasino. Before long, gambling in Illinois will be more popular and widespread than any other state in the country. 

Awesome Hand Gaming Can Help You Succeed With Video Slot Machines

At Awesome Hand Gaming, our goal is to help your restaurant or bar offer customers the best video slot machines available. We offer slot machines from manufacturers such as WMS, Bally Technologies, IGT, Novomatic Group, and SPIELO International. We work to boost your Illinois gaming revenue through services like marketing, digital advertising, signage, gaming license approval, and more. Our experienced technicians can even help with slot machine installations and repairs. 

With the growth of gambling in Illinois, more restaurants and bars than ever before are turning to Illinois gaming machines to increase their Illinois gaming revenue. If you need repairs or marketing services for your slot machines, our team can help.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about all the ways we can help you!