By adding Illinois gaming systems or slot machines to your bar or restaurant, you can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. The current Illinois gambling laws will require you to get fingerprinted, apply for an Illinois Gaming License, and set up your machines. But with the help of Awesome Hand Gaming (AHG), you can simplify your setup and get started in the Illinois video gaming industry.

We’re here to answer the most common questions that business owners tend to have before they get started. 

How Long is the Application Process for Illinois Gaming Systems?

In general, it takes around three to four months from the first step to the point when your Illinois gaming systems are installed at your establishment. This includes the initial moment you apply for gaming systems to when you have met Illinois gambling laws and are rewarded with an official license. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed this process up, as the licensure is handled and approved by the state of Illinois and the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).

How Will Our Team Assist Throughout the Application Process?

Awesome Hand Gaming aids with the entire process of acquiring gambling machines. If you want to offer Illinois gaming machines at your bar or restaurant, you can obtain your machines through us. Our team helps you through each step in applying, obtaining gaming machines, and getting started with the video gambling Illinois allows.

We start with the baseline requirements such as your FEIN (federal employer tax identification number), your business location, your Illinois business tax number, and both your state and local liquor licenses. From filling out the Illinois gaming system application to finding the right machines, we will help with every step in the process.

What Happens After the Application is Submitted?

There are a handful of important things to prepare for when it comes to the state’s gambling laws and gaming license requirements. The Illinois Gaming Board requires owners to get fingerprinted by one of three private firms. After the initial investigation and background checks, a special agent arrives to do an on-site inspection. At this point, the establishment should be nearly completed and ready to open if they aren’t already up and running.

During this stage, both management and owners need to be present, as the Illinois Gaming Board takes photos of the proposed area for the Illinois gaming machines and the owners and video gaming manager. According to Illinois gambling laws, the entrance of the gambling machine area should be visible to one of your employees who are over the age of 21 at all times, to ensure underage gambling is prevented.

Once your site inspection is finished, it is up to the Illinois Gaming Board to vote on your application. This happens once a month, so you may need to wait a couple of weeks to find out your application’s status.

What Will Adding Slot Machines to My Business Cost Me?

While the slot machines are provided from your Illinois terminal operator at no cost, it’s important that you understand some of the other minor costs involved with the application process before diving right in.

When you submit an application for Illinois gaming machines to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB), it will cost $100. Once the application is approved, you will need to pay an annual amount of $100 to maintain your establishment license year after year. Depending on your municipality, you may also have to pay annual gaming payments such as a sticker fee for each video gaming terminal (VGT), a supplemental liquor license, or other fees.

How Much Space do Illinois Gaming Systems Take Up?

A slot machine or gaming system is generally 30 inches deep, 74 inches high, and a minimum of 28 inches wide. However, these dimensions can vary depending on what VGTs you choose. In addition to the Illinois gaming systems, you’ll also need to plan for about three feet of clearance around it for maintenance accessibility.

Can I Buy Slot Machines and Install Them in My Location on My Own?

Per Illinois gambling laws, local establishments cannot buy and install Illinois gaming systems on their own. To legally operate Illinois gaming systems, you are required to hire and sign a contract with a terminal operator like Awesome Hand Gaming. It is their responsibility to handle the machines, services, and maintenances for your licensed Illinois video gaming location.

What are the Differences Between “Slot Machines,” “Video Gaming Terminals,” and “Video Gaming”? 

There has long been a debate about what to call Illinois gaming machines. At the moment, the name of Illinois gaming systems depends on who you ask and their specific preferences. The Illinois Gaming Board calls it video gaming, with the actual machines being known as video gaming terminals (VGTs).

Video gambling Illinois residents who love to play at bars and restaurants identify them by a variety of different names. Many players and establishments call these devices slot machines, video slots, video gambling machines, video gaming machines, and plenty of others.

Why is it Important to Perform Preventative Maintenance on My Illinois Gaming Systems?

If you want to make the most of your Illinois gaming systems, it is important to identify slot machine problems before they turn into major issues. Anytime your machines are broken or not working properly, you end up losing potential Illinois gaming revenue. The best way to avoid downtime is by having regularly scheduled maintenance checks. 

We Offer Preventative Maintenance for Your Illinois Gaming Machines

Awesome Hand Gaming will keep your Illinois gaming systems in peak condition. We have more than 20 service technicians who can show up for repairs or maintenance tasks at a moment’s notice. Each technician is assigned to a northern or southern region, so they are always ready for any emergency or repair task.

Usually within an hour, our technicians can fill the machine’s paper, clean the buttons, clear paper jams, clean the bill acceptors, fix locked machines, and repair blank monitors. We handle everything from tech support to lost communications with the Sci Game network.

Grow Your Revenue Today

By investing in Illinois gaming systems, you can grow your company’s revenue and provide more entertainment options to the customers at your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal organization. Awesome Hand Gaming is here to help with the entire process of finding a location, applying for a license, abiding by Illinois gambling laws, and setting up your video gaming systems. To learn more, call AHG today at (855) 921-1030.