Video gambling in Illinois is helpful to bars and restaurants because it provides a reliable stream of gaming revenue that can be used gain new customers and grow your business. However, Illinois gaming systems and gambling is also useful to municipalities because it helps produce new jobs and pours money into the local economy. By investing in video slot machines, restaurants, bars, and truck stops can increase their revenue while also increasing the city’s financial standing.

How Video Gambling Helps the Local Economy

Municipalities should opt into allowing Illinois gaming systems at bars and restaurants because video gambling makes it easier for business owners to grow their establishment. In turn, this boosted revenue gives entrepreneurs more space in their budget for paying rent, covering overhead costs, and investing back into their Illinois video gaming business.  Businesses may even be able to open new locations and hire more local workers if their Illinois gaming revenue grows.

Back in 2015, the Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Association reported an estimate of 700 new and thriving video gambling establishments in Illinois after the Video Gaming Act was passed. In addition, this act paved the way for 32,000 new jobs and $469 million to $763 million in annual revenue for the area.

Because municipalities have allowed Illinois gaming systems into the public space, businesses can now bring in additional tax revenue for the local government. If a municipality allows Illinois video gambling, they keep 5 percent of the net terminal income from licensed establishments, earning Illinois gaming revenue within its boundaries.

How the Income From Illinois Video Gambling is Helpful to MunicipalitiesWhat is a Licensed Illinois Video Gambling Establishment?

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) has defined which local establishments can have Illinois video gaming and the number of video terminals they can house. A licensed establishment is any retail location where liquor is served, including any place where liquor is poured, drawn, mixed, or consumed.

To become a licensed establishment, businesses can operate on a for-profit or nonprofit basis and must meet a specific set of requirements. Companies that fit this standard include video gambling parlors, restaurants, small eateries, gas stations, truck stops, and bars.

What is a Licensed Fraternal Establishment?

A Licensed Fraternal Establishment is a designated location where fraternal organizations are able to meet. These include Legions, Moose Lodges, and more. To qualify for video gambling and gaming systems, fraternal organizations must produce their most recent letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to show they are a fraternal benefit society or a domestic fraternal society.

Most communities have multiple fraternal establishments within them. Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that is dedicated to helping fraternal organizations earn Illinois gaming revenue from slot machines. We serve numerous fraternal communities including:

What Is a Licensed Veterans Establishment?

To qualify as a veterans establishment, an organization must have regular veterans organization meetings at that location.. An updated charter from a national veterans organization is required.

Over time, Awesome Hand Gaming has worked with many veterans organizations, like VFW Wood Dale Post 2149, which established Illinois gaming systems in the bar to earn Illinois gaming revenue. Meanwhile, the Woodstock VFW also has four remote video gambling machines with dozens of games to choose from.

How the Income From Illinois Video Gambling is Helpful to MunicipalitiesWhat Is a Truck Stop?

Illinois video gambling can also be managed at truck stop establishments. A qualified, licensed truck stop generates 10,000 gallons or more of biodiesel or diesel fuel in monthly sales and must sit on at least 3 acres of land. 

To be considered a licensed, large truck stop, the facility must produce an affidavit to show it is located within 3 road miles from the freeway. Large truck stops must sell at least 50,000 gallons of diesel per month and sit on 3 acres of land.

All establishments have additional rules and regulations that determine where Illinois video gambling systems can be placed. According to Illinois state law, video slot machines must be placed in a location restricted to people who are 21 or older. You are not allowed to earn Illinois gaming revenue from individuals that are below the age of 21. The entrance to the video gambling area must also be in full view of someone who works at the establishment.

How Awesome Hand Gaming Can Help

Awesome Hand Gaming can help boost bottom-line profits at local businesses with Illinois gaming revenue. Our company is a top-rated Illinois video gambling terminal operator. We help establishments take part in Illinois gaming by providing video gaming services, slot machines, routine maintenance, and more.

Our process begins by requiring a gaming license application from the establishment. Awesome Hand Gaming is involved in every step of the application process to ensure each establishment obtains the necessary video gambling machines. Afterward, our team members will maintain and service each machine for maximum uptime. 

Grow Your Business With Illinois Gaming Revenue

Business owners are constantly seeking the latest opportunities for company growth and earnings. Fortunately, Illinois gaming revenue helps grow businesses and local municipalities. Awesome Hand Gaming is here to help by incorporating gaming systems into Illinois establishments for better business.