No matter what industry you are in, there will always be competitors who are searching for ways to better their business and attract more clients or customers. If your company isn’t constantly part of this pursuit, you are likely losing market share to your competitors.

So, what can you do to improve your company’s bottom line?

Whether you run a truck stop, a bar, or a restaurant, adding Illinois gaming revenue to your income is a perfect way to get ahead of the competition. We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that will help you increase the revenue you accumulate from your current customers with video slot machines and games.

The Importance of Improving Your Illinois Video Gaming Services

Consumers are always interested in new and exciting services. By adding Illinois gaming systems to your business, you can gaming revenue and capitalize on one of the latest developments in both the bar and food industries. You’ll also gain a new feature you can market on social media and your website.

Other than the immediate benefit of earning Illinois gaming revenue, your Illinois gaming systems help you market your business to your current clientele and an entirely new audience of gamers. While you can only sell so much food or alcohol to a single person, your guests can spend more money on your gaming machines. If you want to improve your services and increase your Illinois gaming revenue, gaming systems are a smart choice.

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Why You Need to Check Out Awesome Hand Gaming Restaurants & Bars

Right now, there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, and truck stops throughout the state that have earned an gaming license and video slot machines from the Illinois Gaming Board after receiving assistance from the staff at Awesome Hand Gaming. We offer the latest Illinois gaming systems and games from manufacturers such as Bally Technologies, SPIELO International, IGT, InspiredWMS, Aristocrat Technologies, and more. If you are currently planning out your Illinois video gaming marketing strategy, check out some examples of how other Awesome Hand Gaming establishments have incorporated food specials and other incentives into their promotional campaigns.

Many locations promote their Illinois gaming systems using AHG marketing flags, window decals, signs, and even branded coasters. If you want to attract more customers and increase your Illinois gaming revenue, you can also offer giveaway items and host attention-grabbing events.

Create Interactive Gaming EventsCreate Interactive Gaming Events

One way you can increase your Illinois gaming revenue is by holding fun, interactive Illinois video gaming events at your bar or restaurant. You can start by making a map of your floor layout, so you can determine where each part of the event will take place, and then figure out the cost per person at your event.

To make your event more enjoyable, you may want to set up television entertainment or an audio system as an added way to ensure customers will interact with your video slot machines as long as possible. Sound and video will also help to liven up your party. If you book a cover band or have other entertainment, your guests will be more likely to stay for the entire event. 

Before the Illinois video gaming event occurs at your bar or restaurant, get a final headcount of everyone who will be there and see if guests want specific menu items discounted at the event. If you can get them in the door, keep them satisfied and sticking around, you can bet they’re going to take a seat and spend some money playing your Illinois gaming systems.

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Plan an Interactive Video Gaming Event With Our Staff

If you want to increase your Illinois gaming revenue, professionally-hosted interactive events are one of the most effective choices. These promotions increase awareness about your video slot machines and boost engagement. At an Awesome Hand Gaming event, we encourage you to offer free gaming sessions so your prospective customers can try the Illinois gaming systems and then spread the word to their friends and family.

Depending on your restaurant or bar, you may want a different style or theme for your gaming event. We have achieved success with events like chili cook-offs, life-size battle pong, team volleyball, Nintendo 64 Mario Kart racing tournaments, as well as costume parties. The right option depends on your Illinois video gambling location and the brand image you want to project to attendees.

Awesome Hand Gaming events are popular and memorable, so we are often booked at least six months in advance. To have a successful event that promotes the video slot machines at your bar or restaurant, we generally recommend you start planning the details of your event at least five weeks ahead of time.

Remember to Follow Up With Customers After the EventRemember to Follow Up With Customers After the Event

After your event, don’t forget to follow up with your customers. By getting feedback from your clients and visitors, you can learn which techniques were a hit and which things need to be changed. You can call your customers or send out email surveys after the event to learn more about their level of satisfaction with your Illinois gaming systems, food discounts, and drink specials at your event. If you have a social media page, you can also send out your survey online. You can easily conduct polls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media Campaigns for Illinois Video Gaming Events

Different types of social media campaigns can help you market your event and get feedback about it afterward. For example, you can try some of the following ideas:

  • Use influencers on social media to spread the word.
  • Conduct polls about what customers want on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Offer social giveaways and competitions to increase the hype around your Illinois video gaming event. 
  • Brand your restaurant or bar and spread awareness with Facebook Group partnerships. 
  • Develop partnerships with other brands.

Awesome Hand Gaming Helps Take Your Illinois Gaming Revenue Stream to the Next Level

If you want to improve your gaming business, Illinois gaming revenue can help. We have machines approved by the Illinois Gaming Board for restaurants, bars, truck stops, and similar locations. From obtaining an Illinois liquor license, video slot machine installation, to earning an Illinois video gaming license, our staff will walk you through each step required to add gaming to your business. If you currently utilize a different gaming operator for your slot machines, we recommend switching to Awesome Hand Gaming to receive the benefits of our interactive event planning services and Illinois gaming systems.

Through Awesome Hand Gaming, you can boost your Illinois gaming revenue by incorporating complementary options like free giveaways, promotional models, event planning, and more. Give us a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 or fill out our Contact Form to learn more about our event planning and video slot machine installation services.

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