Once you have Illinois gaming machines in your restaurant or bar, integrating food and drink specials is a great way to attract clients to your establishment to earn additional gaming revenue. A unique and diverse menu appeals to both old and new customers, and they can use the opportunity to try video gaming while enjoying a discounted beverage or meal. 

With food and drink specials, you can attract more customers and earn additional Illinois gaming revenue at your establishment. By offering a discounted rate, you can encourage customers that are playing your slot machines to try new dishes and drinks they wouldn’t normally order! If you are struggling to brainstorm the right idea for your bar or restaurant, the following options will get you started.

Offer Happy Hour SpecialsOffer Happy Hour Specials

If you want to get customers to try out your Illinois gaming machines, Happy Hour specials are a great way to bring people in. With these specials, you can attract customers to enjoy your food and test out your video slot machines.

Happy Hour specials work great as they attract video gamers in Illinois during off-hours. Once people show up for Happy Hour and play on your Illinois video gaming machines, they may even end up staying for dinner afterward.

Try techniques like offering miniature food items with drink specials. If guests like the miniature versions of your lunch and dinner menu, they are more likely to return later to try the full dish and play your Illinois gaming machines.

A drink flight is an increasingly popular way to help clients try out different drinks. Select a few of your most popular drinks and include small samples of each into the flight for your customers. Once they find one that they like, your customers might order more of that drink. The same concept works well for desserts.

If you’re looking to attract even larger crowds of video gamblers to your restaurant or bar to earn additional Illinois gaming revenue, we recommend designing a Happy Hour menu around the idea of shareable plates. Groups of friends will show up to split a plate, have a drink, and try out your Illinois gaming machines.

How Do Happy Hour Specials Help?

Your restaurant only has so much space available. Ideally, your goal should be to generate revenue from food, drinks, and Illinois gaming throughout the day. Most people go to restaurants during a lunch or dinner rush, leaving establishments empty during slower times.

Happy Hour specials encourage clients to come during your slow hours, which helps you gain additional food and Illinois gaming revenue throughout the day.

Seasonal specials can also bring in new clients by giving them something new or interesting to try. You can create a warm, welcoming vibe in your restaurant by pairing your specials with your game room decor. Match your Mai Tais to a beach theme. At Halloween, pair your pumpkin drinks with spiderwebs. When Christmas rolls around, include mini holiday garlands with brandy and eggnog drinks.

Try Limited Offer SpecialsTry Limited Offer Specials

Limited offers help you build a sense of urgency. When an offer is only around for a brief time, people realize they have to buy it before it disappears. Plus, you don’t have to invest in a long-term menu item because it will only be around for a short time.

If you really want to bring in new customers to play your Illinois gaming machines, try pairing up your limited offer on food with a limited offer of free slot machine gaming. By offering free play, you can see how it affects your Illinois gaming revenue and decide whether the outcome is worth it. If this plan brings in more revenue from your Illinois gaming machines, you can always keep it going.

Use Lunch and Dinner Specials

If you want to attract new customers, you don’t have to stop at Happy Hour specials. Lunch and dinner specials are great for promoting your menu and video slot machines as well. Giving your customers an inventive to visit at certain times will help you earn additional revenue from appetizers, drinks, food, and Illinois gaming.

A simple offer of a $5 Match Slot Play for any customer who tries your special could boost the likelihood of someone making a purchase. Once you advertise this special, customers will be more inclined to try your food so they can play the games on your Illinois gaming machines for free. You can even try special promotions like brunch food at lunch, limited time offers, $9.95 Mix and Match menu items, a pasta bar, a salad bar, and more.

Blend Gaming and Food Specials Together

By combining your gaming and food specials together, you can boost your revenue from food, drinks, appetizers, and Illinois video gaming. You can convince your gaming clients to dine in, and at the same time, you can encourage your restaurant clients to try out your Illinois gaming machines.

Once you have chosen the right special, it’s important to promote it correctly. Try out different promotion methods to see which one works best, or you can use multiple options to do some A/B testing.

Some of the most basic marketing techniques have proven successful for dozens of gaming establishments in the past:

  • Print Signage
  • Print Ads
  • Social Media
  • E-Blasts
  • Events (and AHG events!)

Improve Your Business With the Illinois Gaming Revenue Earned From Your Slot MachinesImprove Your Business With the Illinois Gaming Revenue Earned From Your Slot Machines

Illinois gaming machines can help you attract a variety of clients. By adding machines, you can get clients to stay for longer periods of time. When clients are using your machines, they will often order food and drinks until they leave.

With video slots, your establishment becomes a destination instead of simply a restaurant or bar. Your Illinois gaming revenue can also increase the money you make, giving you an advantage over your competition.

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