You have the slot machines. Now all you need is that extra touch to get more customers through the door of your restaurant or bar. Upgrading your food menu is the perfect way to draw people in to play your gambling machines.

Composing a superb food menu with the right selections, prices, and menu design not only appeals to the appetite of your customers but also increases the likelihood of them spinning some slots. The Illinois gaming revenue earned by your bar or restaurant is dependent on the quality of appetizers, entrees, and drinks you provide to customers. By providing guests with memorable food will help you grow your business with money earned from video slot machines.

Do you want to update your food menu, but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled everything you need to upgrade to the perfect menu that will make your guests eager to eat, leave them satisfied, and get them into that gaming seat to try their luck on your slots.

Consider Food and Labor CostsConsider Food and Labor Costs

Finding a fine balance between affordable but quality menu options and labor costs is not always easy. If you raise prices too high on popular items, and you might deter customers from visiting your restaurant to play your video slot machines. This may have a negative impact on the Illinois gaming revenue earned from your lunch and dinner crowds. On the other hand, you may be selling yourself short if you keep prices the same.

With the ever-fluctuating food and labor costs and the over-saturation of food establishments in the industry, it’s important to consider these aspects when deciding how you will update your food menu and what to add or take away. 

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Menu? 

A rotating menu is a wonderful way to attract new customers to your gambling machines and earn Illinois gaming revenue. They give you time to review your menu and find out what’s working and what’s not.

Some restaurants update their menu quarterly, some seasonally, and others only once a year. How often you upgrade your menu ultimately comes down to you! 

Upgrading your menu doesn’t mean you have to rebrand your entire establishment.  This could simply involve making a few tweaks: If rotating seasonally, add food options to match the holidays. For example, you may decide to offer soups and warm desserts for the winter while providing salads and BBQ items for the summer. Take away unsuccessful items that aren’t making much revenue, or perhaps add items customers would like to see.  

Whatever you decide, know what to add and take away. To avoid losing gamers and Illinois gaming revenue, do not remove food items from your menu that are popular with locals.’ Also, we do not recommend adding food entrees to your menu that don’t match your brand.

What Is the Right Size for a Food Menu? 

What Is the Right Size for a Food Menu? 

Oftentimes ignored, the size of your menu makes a big difference when attracting customers and video gamers to the slot machines at your bar or restaurant. You want enough food options to explore without being overbearing. Too many items can overwhelm customers and make them indecisive. If there are not enough food options, this may negatively affect their experience and inhibit your ability to generate Illinois gaming revenue.

Consider what your kitchen staff can handle, the brand of your establishment, as well as food and labor cost. Typically, you want to present a diverse menu that balances between both traditional and popular items. This means classics everyone can enjoy such as a cheeseburger or chicken tenders, and also themed items that guests can only get at your establishment. 

What is the best size for your food menu? Typically seven or eight food items in each category is just the right size, allowing guests time to pick and eat, then stay and play your video slot machines. 

How to Design a Menu for a Restaurant

Much like menu size, the placement of food items contributes to the appeal of your establishment. Placing food items in a sensible spot will visually guide guests to their choice.

Make your best dishes locatable. Items you want to push, and are typically the most expensive, should be placed front and center on your menu. Affordable items should go towards the lower half of your menu, allowing guests to start from the top and gaze down until they find a selection most suitable for them. 

Placing popular dishes in the back or lower-left corner of the page will make it hard for your guests to find the best food options. Use these placements for side options or the kids’ menu instead. If a guest is unable to find the excellent food you are known for, they will be less likely to visit again and play your video gambling machines. This will have a negative impact on the Illinois gaming revenue earned at your restaurant or bar.

Other design elements include consistency. Maintain font, theme, and color scheme throughout your entire menu. Consider the psychological effects color has on people, and how different colors evoke different emotions. Yellow grabs customer’s attention, red makes them hungry, blue is calming and might evoke a too relaxed guest that ends up avoiding the video gambling post meal. Do your research and make the best of your color scheme.

Is Your Menu Easy to Read? 

Not only should you consider what’s on your menu, but also how legible it is. Avoid hard-to-read fonts and adding too many words. You should also avoid using unnecessary jargon and unusual terms that don’t contribute to the theme of your establishment. If your menu is too hard to digest, the likelihood of a customer returning to your restaurant or bar to play your video slot machines diminishes. To ensure you are able to generate a consistent amount of Illinois gaming revenue, it’s important to provide each customer with a clean, accessible, and simple menu.

Use straightforward language and common words. Keep item captions short and sweet. Font size is especially important when upgrading your menu. Your font size should not be so large that it screams at customers but also shouldn’t be so small that they have to squint to read. Make sure the typography you choose best resembles your establishment’s color scheme, logo, and brand. 

Keep Content CreativeKeep Content Creative

Creating enticing meals is one thing, but getting your customers to try it is another. Use appealing content that answers the questions: Why should I try this food selection? What’s in store for me?

Add lively adjectives and buzzwords such as fresh, savory, warm, tasty, and zesty, to make your food menu exciting to Illinoins gaming customers. You can even allude to regional references to give your menu personality. 

Most importantly, make sure your content is proofread by multiple professionals to ensure the quality and credibility of your brand. 

Keep Track of Competition in the Illinois Gaming & Food Industries

If you want to attract customers to your slot machines and grow your business with Illinois gaming revenue, you need to be aware of competitors within the area. Sometimes getting traffic in the door boils down to the details, such as pricing, food options, and distance. Know what restaurants or bars that are within a ten mile radius from your establishment are doing. 

What does their menu have to offer? What’s their theme, drinks specials, and brand? Once you have assessed your local establishments, craft your updated menu to bring something new to the table, something that other bars or restaurants in the local area with video slot machines don’t offer.

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