With Illinois slowly moving through the phases of Restore Illinois, our community is doing everything they can to support local businesses. Curbside pickup, delivery, and masks have become the new social norm. During the COVID-19 pandemic craziness, we need to take time to support each other. If you’re a restaurant or bar owner, you may be struggling to attract customers to your establishment to purchase food, cocktail kits, or appetizers.

Most restaurants, bars, and breweries in Illinois are seeing massive decreases in revenue due to a drop in active customers and Illinois gamers. In many cases, this is because most customers are unaware of new curbside and delivery services available. An excellent way to combat this issue is to utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to promote your curbside services. Creating unique online content can be the best way to boost awareness and maintain customer loyalty. To help you preserve your healthy customer base during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have compiled a list of social media marketing tips for businesses.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses During COVID-19 PandemicPromote Curbside Pick-Up or Delivery Services

If you are offering curbside pick-up or delivery it is important to reiterate this to your customers. Now is the time to advertise your carryout menu consistently on your social media pages. Add food images, your phone number, and a link to easy online ordering to simplify guest experiences. Develop a unique social media marketing campaign on Facebook or Instagram that is designed to promote new menu items, daily specials, and even dinner and drink pairings at your Illinois video gaming establishment. And be sure to create budget friendly menu options. Offering regular menu items with a second take home serving at a discounted price is a two for almost one deal that is hard to pass up

Make An Instagram Story to Promote Food & Drinks

An excellent way to promote new lunch or dinner menu items to customers during the COVID-19 pandemic is to publish a story on Instagram. This is a feature on Instagram that allows you to market your small business by publishing photos or videos. Once a photo is published, it will remain active for 24 hours. This social media marketing tip will help your customers stay updated with the latest appetizers, drink specials, food, and discounts offered by your bar or restaurant.

The staff at our Illinois video gaming terminal operator also recommend leveraging the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing on social media to reach a broader audience of people. Ask your customers to share pictures of their food and appetizers on their Instagram or Snapchat Stories. This will help attract new customers to your restaurant that may not be aware of your services. You may also consider republishing your customers photos to your official social media accounts. This will help show appreciation to customers that are actively talking about your Illinois video gaming establishment online.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses During COVID-19 PandemicCreate Posts to Promote Meal-Kits & Food

During this uncertain time, people with preexisting conditions are reluctant to leave their homes due to the Coronavirus. An effective marketing tip for small businesses, including bars and restaurants, is to build meal-kits of customer-favorite entrees or appetizers. 

We recommend including a large portion of food in each meal-kit to help decrease the number of times a customer is required to drive to your destination. The meal-kits should provide enough food to last a week. This will give customers an incentive to purchase your meal-kits instead of other kits offered by your competitors. You can easily promote your meal kits by purchasing advertisements on Facebook. In addition, you may decide to purchase a Sponsored Post on Instagram to show customers images of your lunch or dinner food.

Send Postcards About Food & Drink Specials

Sending postcards, flyers, and menus to the surrounding areas of your business is an excellent way to connect with the customer and get your name out there. This is an effective marketing tip for businesses that can be used to reach customers that may not have social media accounts. Every-Door-Direct-Mail can be sent to select areas of your choice. The marketing team at Awesome Hand Gaming is ready and willing to assist you with custom designs, selecting routes, placing the mail order, and ensuring delivery. 

Providing surrounding areas with a straight-forward, convenient piece of mail that they can hang on their refrigerator will not only act as a reminder for your current clientele, but will act as an invitation for new customers. Placing thorough information on the services your establishment is providing throughout these uncertain times directly into the hands of your customers is sure to put you back on the map.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses During COVID-19 PandemicUse Facebook & Instagram Polls to Vote on New Curbside Menu Items

As most of us have never lived through a global pandemic, we are meandering through unknown territory. Businesses have been left with a lot of unknowns, forcing them to not only adapt, but to get creative! Experiment with Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter polls to gain insight on your customers’ likes and dislikes. Use this social media marketing tip to gain feedback from your customers about new menu items that are offered at your Illinois video gaming business.

Share Old Photos on Social Media to Create Nostalgia 

Sharing photos of your establishment is a great way to remind customers of the special moments they’ve experienced with friends or family. Connect with your guests by revisiting the past. Whether they’re seeing images of themselves at your Illinois gaming systems or the bartender that keeps them coming back for more, these prized memories will certainly add to the anticipation of your small business reopening the doors.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses During COVID-19 PandemicLivestream Events on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram have features that let you record live videos and publish them directly to your timeline in real time. Promoting your establishment live offers your guests and other potential customers an authentic, behind-the-scenes look into your small business. Use this social media marketing tip to host an online cooking demonstration of customers favorite entrées. This will not only provide a unique virtual connection with viewers, but it will also get their mouths watering and ultimately promote those curbside pickup and delivery services. Perhaps a live cocktail-making class better suits your small business. 

Promote your carry-out cocktail kits on Facebook or Twitter, then create an event to teach your guests exactly how to make them! Customers appreciate true candidness in these uncertain times, and a livestream does just that. You may also consider publishing live videos on Facebook or Instagram to show customers the initiatives you are taking to clean the tables, chairs, flooring, and video slot machines at your Illinois video gaming establishment. This will appeal to families or individuals that may have second thoughts about using curbside services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep Customers Engaged With Your Illinois Video Gaming Systems on Social Media

Using unique social media hashtags can help businesses stay relevant. Now, more than ever, people are looking to social media for updates and entertainment. Using hashtags such as #SupportSmallBuisness can help customers find you, all while uniting with other small businesses in the area. Aside from hashtagging, it is important to remind your customers that what may seem lost is not truly gone. 

Feeling lucky, spinning some slots, and winning big will be a favorite pastime again in due time. Feature pictures of your guest previously playing on your Illinois gaming systems to remind them that those memories will once again be a reality! Try offering free slot play cards with carry-out orders as an extra incentive to come back once video gaming is reinstated in Illinois. It is important to do our part to support people who continue to support small businesses.  

Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses During COVID-19 PandemicBe Transparent With Your Safety Regulations 

It’s imperative that you keep customers in the loop on the precautionary measures that are being taken to ensure their health and safety. The most important social media marketing tip for small businesses during the health crisis is to share images of staff members wearing masks and gloves. This will give your guests that extra peace-of-mind when ordering curbside pickup or delivery. 

At the end of the COVID-19 health crisis, the average customer will feel more comfortable visiting Illinois video gaming establishments that are continuously disinfecting their tables, Illinois gaming systems, and flooring. Remind customers on Instagram or Facebook that you are continuously wiping down the video slot machines at your bar or restaurant. Once dine-in services resume, customers and gamers will be attracted to restaurants that are transparent with their safety precautions.

Businesses that are able to connect with customers during these unsettling times are the ones who are going to grow from it. Staying engaged will drive business for your current customers and prompt future visits from new customers. Now more than ever, small Illinois video gaming businesses can utilize social media marketing tips to boost and maintain customer traffic throughout the pandemic and upon our return to normalcy. If you want to obtain video slot machines for your restaurant, bar, or truck stop, give our team a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 or fill out our Contact Form. Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois video gaming terminal operator that provides video slot machines to businesses. We offer slot machines from manufacturers such as Novomatic, Aristocrat Technologies, Inspired Entertainment, WMS, Spielo International, Bally, and IGT. Our team will help you obtain an Illinois gaming license and games for your business.

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