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How to Boost Your Illinois Gaming Revenue At Your Establishment

Awesome Hand Gaming is so much more than an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator. Not only do we provide unparalleled service in Illinois Video Gaming, legal, management, and route operations, we also offer complimentary marketing services for your business to boost Illinois gaming revenue.

We want your bar, restaurant, fraternal organization, or truck stop to earn Illinois video gaming payouts and gaming revenue the moment your video slot machines are installed, and keep up the momentum for years to come! Awesome Hand Gaming provides marketing for video gaming locations to help generate new customers. From print material to digital advertising, we will ensure you know how to access and utilize our available resources to increase your Illinois slot machines revenue.

Ready to take advantage of our services and earn Illinois video game revenue? The gambling and video gaming industry is rapidly changing and provides an expansive selection of benefits for business owners. Recently, the Illinois senate passed a new gaming bill that allows restaurants and bars to have up to six video slot machines on the premises. Previously, each gaming location was only allowed to have 5 slot machines. From obtaining the necessary Illinois liquor licenses to installing your video slot machines, our team will help you succeed.

Our team is dedicated to helping you attract new customers to your bar or restaurant with new games and video slot machines. Here are some ways you can use our targeted Marketing services to boost your Illinois video gaming revenue.

Attract Gamers to Your Bar, Restaurant, or Business With Signature Signage to Earn Illinois Video Game Revenue

From our giant banners to our eye-catching flags, our Marketing for video gaming locations has you covered in flare to attract attention from customers and help you earn Illinois gaming revenue. These signs are sure to grab potential guests’ attention and enhance your Illinois slot machine payouts for your restaurant, bar, fraternal organization, or truck stop. Our signs help attract new customers as they walk or drive by your bar, restaurant, or establishment. In our opinion, the bigger, the better! Hang additional signage throughout the venue to remind guests to try their luck on your Illinois gaming machines. Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

Stand-Out Signage

  • Small and large banners that can be used both inside and out
  • Feather flags
  • Neons
  • Window decals

Subtle Slot Machine & Gaming Reminders

  • Coasters
  • Gaming chairs w/ logo
  • Wobblers
  • Posters that promote the Illinois gaming machines at your video gaming establishment and the Platinum Players Mobile Application

Grow your business with video slot machines and Illinois gaming revenue

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Awesome Hand Gaming Marketing Materials

Boost Illinois Slot Machines Revenue Video Gaming Payouts With Promotional Items

We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that provides promotional accessories to its partners to attract gamers to your Illinois gaming machines and enhance Illinois video gaming revenue and video gaming payouts. Whether your bar or restaurant throws a Customer Appreciation Day or a 10th Anniversary Blowout Celebration, we will offer Marketing for video gaming locations such as bars and restaurants to ensure growth in gaming revenue and Illinois slot machine payouts.

We offer all of our locations awesome swag bags, complete with a variety of goodies to ensure you earn Illinois video game revenue from customers that play the slot machines at your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal organization. We make it a priority to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends, and our giveaways certainly reflect that! Our selfie-sticks, PopSockets, and silicone phone wallets are just a few of our hot button items. But let’s not discount the crowd favorite – our infamous pizza cutters!

Our Events Help Increase Awareness, Customer Retention, & Illinois Gaming Revenue
for Bars, Restaurants, & More

Through our exciting events, we provide authentic experiences that demonstrates just how much Awesome Hand Gaming stands out from other Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators. Our interactive events drastically change the dynamics of your restaurant, bar, truck stop, or fraternal organization. The festivities will help transform what would have been a typical Friday or Saturday night into an evening worth remembering! The Marketing for video gaming locations is designed to increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, Illinois video gaming payouts, and video game revenue at your business.

Earn Illinois Video Gaming Payouts & Revenue With Tournaments, Bar Olympics, or Giveaways

Our customized tournaments have proven to be a fun, communal, crowd-drawing success. We’ve been successful at promoting the video slot machines at establishments and increasing gameplay. The team at Awesome Hand Gaming will collaborate with your staff to host an event that offers free slot play and loads of fantastic (and free) giveaways. Our events for bars and restaurants will incentivize gameplay and boost your video game revenue along with Illinois video gaming payouts. Whether it’s our Life-Size Battle Pong, Bar Olympics, or our Annual Playboy Meet & Greet, our gaming events will drive traffic to your bar or restaurant and make your venue (and video slot machines) the hottest in town!

Our event scheduling guidelines< offer a comprehensive list answering some of the who, what, when, where, why and how behind our promotions for Illinois bars, restaurants, and truck stops. You know what they say – knowledge is power!

Obtain a Listing On Our Website to Attract Local Gamers & Illinois Video Game Revenue

Every bar, restaurant and truck stop that is a partner with Awesome Hand Gaming also receives free advertising on our website. Each Illinois video gaming location is listed on three pages of our website: the map page, the city page, and your establishment’s page. Each listing is designed to generate Illinois slot machines revenue and slot machine payouts at your establishment.

Scroll through our map page, find your establishment, and click “Learn More” to be directed to your page. We encourage you to frequently visit your location’s page on our website to ensure all your establishment’s information remains up-to-date. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities because your details are outdated!

Attract Customers to Your Bar or Restaurant & Earn Illinois Video Gaming Payouts With the Platinum Players Mobile App

A benefit of partnering with an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator such as Awesome Hand Gaming is the Platinum Players Mobile App. Our partners, such as restaurants, bars, and truck stops, will obtain a listing on our mobile app under the ‘Locations’ icon. The Marketing for video gaming locations in our app allows guests to read about your location and learn about your hours, address, phone, etc. Obtaining a listing on the Platinum Players Club will increase awareness of your bar or restaurant and boost Illinois gaming revenue and slot machine payouts.

Guests can also earn points at your Illinois video gaming establishment under the ‘Loyalty’ icon. Every location has its own unique four-digit code for checking in a guest. This code is NOT to be given to the guest; preferably, it should be typed directly into their phone. Guests can then redeem those points for coupons and discounts at select locations or for merchandise. Our loyalty program and features are designed to increase retention rates and boost the Illinois gaming revenue at your bar or restaurant.

Earn Illinois Gaming Revenue From Your Illinois Gaming Machines With Social Media Assistance

Awesome Hand Gaming’s Verified Location Badge is available to inform guests that your Illinois video gaming establishment is a verified Awesome Hand Gaming location. Just insert the badge at the footer of your website and hyperlink to The Verified Location Badge will help attract gamers to your bar, restaurant, or truck stop and increase the Illinois video gaming payouts at your establishment. Contact our team if you need help!

Need some classy gaming designs for your Facebook page? Check out our social media assets page to find cover photos and timeline posts designed and sized specifically to help advertise your slot machines and generate Illinois gaming revenue via Facebook. You’ll also find some helpful tips and tricks to make the most of your social media pages. Social media is an excellent channel to utilize for customer targeting and also helps business owners earn Illinois slot machines revenue.

Here are some more tips for incorporating Illinois gaming machines into your social media marketing to engage and attract more gamers to your page! We’ve also got some bright ideas on how to promote your gaming location by using cashout vouchers!

Legality Assistance With Advertising, Sweepstakes, & Contests

Your peace of mind is our priority. And we deliver that by having an attorney on standby to advise on advertising, sweepstakes, and contest rules related to Illinois Video Gaming. The marketing team at our Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator has unlimited access to an attorney should any new or unique advertising opportunities arise.

With Awesome Hand Gaming, you can advertise and earn Illinois gaming revenue without worrying about fines – or worse, losing your Illinois gaming license. Our partnership with the Illinois Gaming Board allows us to help bars and restaurants develop legal advertising campaigns to promote video slot machines and attract customers. Our team continually evaluates Illinois video gaming regulation changes as they relate to our locations. We make it easy to stay updated by sending reminders through e-blasts, social media, and our blog.

Our downloadable documents regarding raffles, sweepstakes, and gambling do’s and don’ts are always available. And remember: if you are not sure if something is legal, please reach out to us! We will cut through the confusing legal jargon and give it to you straight.

Your winnings are limitless when you partner with The Awesome Hand Gaming Marketing Team!

We are always available to help with your custom marketing needs.