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Buffalo Grove

Video Slot Machines & Games in Buffalo Grove, IL

It is believed that Buffalo Grove was discovered by Melchior Raupp and Jacob Weidner in the 1840’s, at which time the area was home to only about 164 residents. Fast forward to present day and Buffalo Grove is now home to about 40,853 residents. Presumed founders Melchior Raupp and Jacob Weidner left an everlasting impression on the community, apparent in the town’s attractions, such as the Raupp Museum. The museum’s main gallery tells the elaborate story of Buffalo Grove’s history. Starting with Potawatomi life in the 1830’s, followed by the farm settlement, and concluding with the town’s modern-day suburban history. Jacob Weidner, also known as Little Jake, built the first Weidner General Store, an infamous and frequented shop in it’s day. Buffalo Grove has been deemed one of the best places to live in Illinois, and rightfully so. A city filled with history, businesses, parks, and entertainment makes for an ideal spot to live and raise a family.

Many of which are named after the families who originally settled in the area, Buffalo Grove’s streets are lined with bowling alleys, go kart tracks, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, Buffalo Grove has been added to the Illinois Video Gaming Locations list, making it legal for Licensed Establishments to have video slots and poker machines. Awesome Hand Gaming is a licensed Illinois Video Gaming operator that proudly services the Buffalo Grove community. The delightful city of Buffalo Grove has successfully preserved historical memories while adopting new forms of entertainment such as video gambling machines. Awesome Hand Gaming offers affordable slot machines to establishments and reliable support services. Looking for video slot machines for your restaurant, bar, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming.

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Rack Em Up

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