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Awesome Hand Gaming Event Scheduling Guidelines

Whether you’ve been to one of our awesome events, viewed all the festivities via Facebook, or received our emails promoting our events, there’s always more to it than meets the eye. To give you more information, we’ve put together a comprehensive list answering some of the necessary who, what, when, where, why, and how questions […]

Secure Your Slot Machines with Your Terminal Operator

We’ve all seen the blockbuster films showing heists in Las Vegas where the thieves make off with briefcases holding millions of dollars. While these can make for entertaining television, they identify some real security risks to locations that offer video slot machines. As we have seen in recent news, no establishment is immune to these […]

Partner With The Right Slot Machine & Terminal Operator

Finding a terminal operator (TO) for your location is kind of like dating: you hold out for the right one and ask the hard questions to know what you’re getting into. As a licensed TO, Awesome Hand Gaming is constantly going through the legal and logistical process of onboarding and installing slot machines in various […]

5 New Awesome Hand Gaming Slots Locations!

Business is b[l]ooming this spring at Awesome Hand Gaming. We literally added a handful of locations – five – to the Awesome Hand family! We’ve hit the ground running, with plans for our characteristic events and slot gaming opportunities in the works. To stay updated on all events at Awesome Hand Gaming locations in your […]

An Awesome Year In Review

For us, 2017 can be summed up in one word: awesome. Sure, there were less awesome moments along the way; but as with any year, we made the most of them to make it our best year yet. This year at Awesome Hand Gaming was a year of newness: new games, new events, new locations, […]

5 Tips for Engaging Gamers on Facebook

It can be a challenge to get followers to interact with your business’s Facebook page. As soon as a consumer feels like they are being sold something, they start scrolling. It’s the modern day version of hanging up on solicitors. Click. Something to keep in mind for your social media account is that it’s not […]

5 Reasons You Know You’re Playing at an AHG Location

How You Know It’s Awesome Hand Gaming By being a premier, Illinois-licensed video slot machine operator for over 75 years, we’ve made leaps and strides to provide top-of-the-line services for our gamers and clients. From our dedicated marketing team to our awesome loyalty program, we keep our competition on their toes and our gamers coming […]

More AHG Locations Equals More Wins

Can’t stop, won’t stop! We’re continuing to roll out more AHG locations to keep you gaming and winning through the rest of the year! Here are our latest locations: Dawn’s Beach Hut Facebook Saint Charles This Awesome Hand Gaming location has been gracing Illinois with Florida Keys-inspired vibes for just short of a decade, and we […]

Incorporating Video Slots with the Holidays

It’s the time of year again – holiday season! We know that spending time with family and friends is a must during the holidays, so we want to make sure that your business can get everyone involved with holiday-themed gaming and promotions. Holiday Gaming Halloween Halloween’s only 10 days away, but why not start the […]

5 New AHG Locations

And the new locations continue! We’d like to introduce to you our five latest Awesome Hand Gaming video slot machine locations. Big Fran’s Boardwalk Gaming 2420 W. Johnsburg Road Johnsburg, IL Facebook This new, quaint location is the perfect spot to just wind down. The establishment is named after the owner, Fritz Larsen’s, late mother, […]