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Chalet Hills Golf Club

Chalet Hills Golf Club

Chalet Hills Golf Club

Why You Should Visit

Architecturally new and redesigned, Chalet Hills Golf Club continues to make improvements since opening in 1992. Coming in Spring 2019, experience their newly renovated bunkers and approaches! Among many other golf clubs, Chalet Hills is different in their own unique way. Once you enter through the beautiful wooden doors, you instantly feel that difference – and by difference, we mean awesomeness!

The music is fun and lively and the rooms are big and bright, with a pleasant abundance of natural lighting. The views are unbelievable, as you are surrounded by nature and scenic lakes and ponds. They have a full bar and restaurant and plenty of seating for you and your guests to enjoy a wonderful meal alongside the esthetics. On each side of the room, you will find two multi-sports simulators, where you can play almost any sport or activity that you can think of! From E6 golf, football, basketball, soccer, and rugby to target shooting and karaoke, the entertainment is perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you are in the mood for a night out with friends or some daytime family fun, the various entertainment and simulators are sure to please the masses. The wood furniture, central fireplace, cozy couches, high ceilings, and spacious bar top provide a sleek yet relaxing ambiance.

And this is just the interior of the golf club, outside is just, well… gorgeous! The layout is jaw dropping. Challenging but fair, eye appealing, and in fantastic shape. They’ve been the home to memories in the making for amazing weddings, private parties, banquets, and much more.

Chalet Hills Golf Club is elegant, gorgeous, and fun-filled. Best of all, alongside the various entertainment, the staff ensures that everyone who enters receives a personalized experience. And don’t just take our word for it! Chalet Hills was rated top five in state by the 2003 Zagat/ESPN Survey of Best American Courses and also rated the #3 best kept secret golf course in America, August 2004 edition of Golf Digest. So, why not stop in? Food, drinks, SLOTS, golden tee, pool, games, darts…what’s not to love? See you there!

Visit Chalet Hills Golf Club’s Website

Location: 943 Rawson Bridge Rd. Cary, IL 60013

Phone: (847) 639-0666

Hours: Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm Tuesday-Sunday: 8:00am-8:00pm

Special Features: Video gaming, Seasonal Virtual Stimulators