FAQ - Awesome Hand Gaming, Terminal Operator + Events
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Why should I choose Awesome Hand Gaming as my establishment’s terminal operator?

Awesome Hand Gaming has over 75 years in the customer service industry. Not only do we have unparalleled service, but we also offer all of our establishments the Platinum Players Club app that will help generate more revenue.


How does Awesome Hand Gaming help my  establishment?

First, Awesome Hand Gaming provides unparalleled service. With a 24/7/365 service line, you can count on AHG to fix any gaming-related issue. Awesome Hand Gaming also hosts events at one of our locations every month. We bring free giveaways, promos, and offer free slot play for everyone who attends. These events are meant to drive more traffic and awareness to your location.


How do I host an event at my location?

Every month we choose a different location to host an event. The locations we pick typically have a large following of gamers. If you have interest in an event being hosted at your location, you can reach out to the Awesome Hand Gaming team who will help sort out the details.


Why should I host an event at my location?

Hosting an event at your location will be largely beneficial for your establishment. Our events are designed and carefully thought out to increase traffic and awareness to both your location and Awesome Hand Gaming.


Is it hard to host an event?

Awesome Hand Gaming makes it easy for you to host an event. We work together with the you to get the word out about the event and we create promotional material to promote the event.

How do we advertise an event at our location?

When there is an event at your establishment, we provide advertising at no additional charge and work in conjunction with you to spread the work via social media.


How do I get gaming?

To get gaming at your location you have to go through a simple process. The process can be seen here.


How can you help with branding?

Awesome Hand Gaming does our part to make sure you can attract new customers. When you partner with us, we do everything we can to give your location the appropriate branding material to showcase your establishment.


Can you help with social media?

We do everything we can to make sure that our locations is associated with the right social media accounts to get the best exposure possible. Look here to make sure your establishment has the following.


What if I don’t know how to claim different social media pages?

At Awesome Hand Gaming, we understand the ever-changing social media world can be hard to follow. If you’re having trouble claiming a page on social media, give us a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 or fill out our Contact Form to receive assistance.


What is the Platinum Players Club?

The Platinum Players Club is an app that is available to all of our locations. Our app will send exclusive emails about events, promotions, and specials at specific locations. In the app, you are also able to redeem points for Awesome Hand Gaming merchandise and freebies. For more information on the App click here.