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Video Games & Slot Machines Near You in Fox Lake, IL

View a list of restaurants near you that provide video games to guests. Aside from the water activities, Fox Lake offers abundant entertainment. Several bars and restaurants with video slot machines line the water creating the perfect dining experience for any occasion. In a town with so many water activities, you’d think there’d be little room for much more. Fortunately, Fox Lake legalized video games in restaurants, giving patrons a chance to get lucky all year round!

Awesome Hand Gaming is proud to provide Illinois video gaming machines to establishments in the town of Fox Lake. So next time you’re in the area, be sure you stop by one of our most beloved locations. Looking for video slot machines for your restaurant, bar, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming. This water city is centrally located and about 46 miles Northwest of the Chicago’s Loop. Fox Lake is a sanctuary for all aquatic fanatics and is one of the most popular cities along the Chain of Lakes.

Also known as the “Heart of the Chain O’Lakes,” Fox Lakes is one of the most visited leisure destinations in the country. Regularly home to about 11,000 residents, the popular boating destination’s population grows to about 28,000 in the summer months. Fox Lake relies on water and history to keep the relaxed communal mentality it possesses today.

In the mid 1800’s, the Chain O’Lakes gained a lot of attention as a hunting and fishing paradise. Although Fox Lake was considered a rich architectural region, there was limited access to roads. In 1854, the journey became a bit easier with the extension of railroad tracks. Fast forward to current day and Fox Lake is an extremely popular summer destination. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, out-of-towners and residents alike enjoy swimming, jet skiing, tubing, wake-boarding and of course boating!

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