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Awesome Hand Gaming is a premier, Illinois-licensed video slot machine operator with over 75 years of unparalleled service in gaming, legal, management, and route operations to the video slot business. Awesome Hand Gaming has a strong commitment to their establishments. Awesome Hand’s friendly and professional service technicians set them apart from all Illinois gaming operators. In fact, most service calls are resolved within an hour. Awesome Hand’s team guides establishments through every aspect of video slots and helps the local bars and restaurants develop their businesses.

Awesome Hand Gaming leads the industry by providing comprehensive reporting and data analysis. Awesome Hand’s proprietary customer acquisition and retention programs remain unique to the Illinois slot machine market. The first Illinois operator to have its own mobile app, Awesome Hand sets the standard for customer engagement. Awesome Hand Gaming developed a strong brand through dedication to their establishments, having industry intelligence, and providing outstanding customer service; these qualities make Awesome Hand Gaming the best operator in Illinois. Slot players can find Awesome Hand’s slots in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties.

Awesome Hand Gaming’s team of skilled professionals engages with establishments for any issue. This includes filing the federal DOJ form, licensing renewal, address changes of officers or ownership, and the handling of any criminal incidents. Awesome Hand Gaming’s team stays current with all IGB rules and regulations and ensures all their establishments stay licensed.[/sm_column_text][/sm_tab][sm_tab title=”WHY US” tab_id=”def1463497687-2-49″][sm_column_text]


[/sm_column_text][sm_icon_list_item icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_color=”#d21f26″]Awesome Hand Gaming is a leader in the gaming industry, and they provide their establishments with the Platinum Players Club, an app with advanced technologies that will help generate revenue.
[/sm_icon_list_item][sm_icon_list_item icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_color=”#d21f26″]Your success is Awesome Hand Gaming’s success, and their team of friendly professionals is always available to help ensure your business thrives.[/sm_icon_list_item][sm_icon_list_item icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_color=”#d21f26″]Awesome Hand Gaming hosts events to engage and grow your consumer base and keep your regulars coming back for more.[/sm_icon_list_item][sm_icon_list_item icon_type=”fontawesome” icon_color=”#d21f26″]Through Awesome Hand Gaming’s blog, Play the Prairie, they provide advertising for your establishment at no additional charge.
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1. You need to have your business location picked out.

2. You need to be registered with the state of Illinois and be in possession of your FEIN (federal employer tax identification number) and your IBT (Illinois business tax number).

3. You must have both your federal and local liquor licenses.[/sm_column_text][/sm_tab][sm_tab title=”AHG EVENTS” tab_id=”1463497987055-3-3″][sm_column_text]


Awesome Hand Gaming chooses one location per month to host an event. These locations typically have a large following of gamers. Locations express an interest in hosting a gaming event in advance, and Awesome Hand Gaming chooses from these locations. Awesome Hand Gaming will take care of everything from setting up the event to providing giveaway items. All the chosen location just needs to market the event via social media and provide free slot play for participants. If you are interested in hosting an Awesome Hand Gaming, reach out and a member of Awesome Hand Gaming’s team will contact you.


Awesome Hand Gaming events are mutually beneficial for Awesome Hand and the host establishment. Awesome Hand designs events to increase traffic in the establishments and on Awesome Hand Gaming slot machines. Awesome Hand will advertise these events on social media, in the hosting bar or restaurant, and on all of their websites. Awesome Hand Gaming’s increase in profits also means your establishment is increasing in profits. The best part about hosting is that Awesome Hand Gaming’s team will be doing the bulk of the work for you. Our team of promotional models will create a buzz that will make everyone want to participate!


When you host an event with Awesome Hand Gaming, they make it as easy for you as possible. The host location will just need to use the design materials given to them by Awesome Hand Gaming. Hang the posters their team will design, and post about the event on Facebook as frequently as you can. Awesome Hand also advertises the event by promoting through social media, news outlet articles, and email blasts. Awesome Hand Gaming’s team will be at the event with all giveaway materials and promo girls to engage the crowd. Awesome Hand also asks that the host location provides free slot play during the event.[/sm_column_text][/sm_tab][/sm_tabs]