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The Eagles Club, established in 1898 is a fraternal organization focused on “People Helping People.” The first club popped up in Seattle and was created by six theater owners; it is now based in Grove City, Ohio. The Eagles have more than 800,000 members including former U.S. presidents, famous musicians, politicians, and athletes. As long as this organization has been around, they have been making a positive influence on the region, nation, world, and their surrounding communities. They participate in many different charitable events and fundraisers, and they have raised millions of dollars in hopes of making life better for those in need.

The Eagles Club is responsible for many positive things happening in the United States such as the founding of Mother’s Day and the end of age-based discrimination. They are known as hometown builders; they support first responders, medical research, and many other causes.

The Gilberts Eagles Club, established 1905 in Elgin, just recently enjoyed their 110 year anniversary party. The Elgin location moved to Gilberts about ten years ago, and they’re still going strong. With more than 300 members, the Gilberts locations won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. While this is a fraternal organization, about a quarter of the group is female; this is due in large part to the fact that the auxiliary was dissolved about two years ago, allowing women to join.

The Gilberts Eagles Club has been recently improved by the addition of video gaming and their banquet hall. Video gaming has added another kind of entertainment and the public commonly asks to rent out the venue. The weddings thrown there are elegant and enchanting. Their space can accommodate many guests, and both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. With one of the best beer gardens in the state, they receive numerous inquiries. To learn more or host an event of your own, visit their website!

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325 Raymond Dr. Gilberts, IL 60136

(847) 695-7919

Tuesday-Thursday: 3:00pm-12:00am
Friday & Saturday: 3:00pm-2:00am
*Closing times and Sunday hours may vary

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