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How To Game

How to Game

Awesome Hand Gaming brings the Vegas experience to Illinois. Video slot games can be intimidating for those new to the gaming experience. Each Awesome Hand Gaming provides hundreds of different slot options from which to choose. For those new to the gaming world, it can be a little intimidating. This step-by-step process will help new gamers feel more confident when sitting down at a video slot.

How to Game
  1. Use your Platinum Players App to find the closest Awesome Hand Gaming location.
  2. Once you get to the location, find the slot machines, and pick your game of choice.
  3. Insert cash into your preferred game, and make sure the correct credit amount is on the screen.
  4. Choose the amount of credits per line.
  5. Choose the amount of lines per spin.
  6. Press the “play” button, and spin the reels.
  7. Find out if you win or lose.
  8. Repeat Step 6 until you’re done gaming.
  9. Once finished, press the collect button to get a voucher!
  10. Take your cash voucher to the Cash Out machine located near the terminals, and collect your cash prize!
Now that you know how to game,
find the Awesome Hand Gaming bar or restaurant closest to you!

General Gaming Tips

Locate the pay table for more information about the particular game. This can sometimes be located directly on the screen or can be located by pressing the help button. The pay table includes information about betting requirements, bonus features, and the games payouts.

Certain games require max bet for jackpots. You can find out if the game you are playing requires max bet for jackpots from the pay table.

There are quite a few buttons! These buttons control various aspects of the game, including lines per spin, bet max, cash/collect, and/or help/view payouts.

Remember that video slots are a game of chance. That means it’s technically possible to hit the jackpot 2 times in a row!

How to Game