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Switch to Awesome Hand Gaming to Earn Illinois Gaming Revenue


As one of the top Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators, we offer video slot machines to bars, restaurants, truck stops, and fraternal organizations. Every Illinois gaming service we offer is focused on boosting the Illinois gaming revenue at each of our locations. By placing a heavy emphasis on designing a high-quality game room, effective marketing campaigns, and a full-time team of slot machine technicians, you’ll be in good hands.

HERE are some questions to ask yourself when preparing for your partnership. And the short answer? Awesome Hand Gaming! Are you an Illinois gaming license holder? Do you need to switch Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators? Contact a specialist to switch to Awesome Hand Gaming. We will collaborate with the Illinois Gaming Board to obtain Illinois gaming machines and Illinois gaming resources for your bar or restaurant and maintain your Illinois Gaming License.


Ready to upgrade the slots at your bar, restaurant, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming, Illinois leading Video Gaming Terminal Operator that offers the latest slot machine services.

What Makes Us Different From Other Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators

McCullough's Gaming Lounge


With more than 80 years of experience in the Illinois gaming industry, Awesome Hand Gaming has the process of designing profitable video game rooms down to an artform. We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that offers support for the layout of video slot machines, decor, side tables, and even where to keep your Illinois Gaming License.

Conveniences like cup holders and phone chargers for both Android and iPhone devices are strategically placed to ensure customers remain at your Illinois gaming machines as long as possible. We also ensure each customer enjoys their privacy by maintaining enough space between each video slot machine. The staff at Awesome Han Gaming will provide you with creative signage and marketing materials to help you capture the attention of gamers and earn your fair share of Illinois gaming revenue.

Whether your location is running current gaming promotions or simply offering standard Illinois gaming services, everyone who comes to your establishment will know exactly where to go to get their game on.


While many industries tend to have a slow season, the Awesome Hand Gaming team does everything necessary to ensure you receive new customers within the Illinois gaming industry at your restaurant, bar, truck stop, or fraternal organization all year.

From Illinois gaming sweepstakes and contests like our annual Jolly Jackpot and Summer of Sweepstakes to custom tournament-style events, your customers will always have something to look forward to. This includes our Awesome Hand Gaming Platinum Players app, where players can check in from their mobile devices to earn rewards!

We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that also offers marketing solutions such as direct-to-door mailers, punch cards, and other promotional tools to help you grow your bottom line with Illinois gaming revenue. We also co-op on other local mailers, radio, and marketing services, ensuring new customers are constantly hearing about your Illinois gaming systems and video gaming location.


Most Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators service licensed establishments throughout the entire state of Illinois. This can mean hours and even days before your video slot machines are repaired. If your video slot machines are malfunctioning, this may impact the Illinois gaming revenue that your bar or restaurant earns for the month. With Awesome Hand Gaming, our video slot and Illinois gaming system technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have made it our top priority to provide the best services in the Illinois gaming industry. With slot machines from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, our top of the line Illinois gaming machines are highly reliable.

However, it may become necessary to book a slot machine repair appointment from time to time to resolve issues. Whether you run into paper jams, button issues, or communication problems, the staff at our Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator can typically have a licensed Illinois gaming system handler at your Illinois video gaming location within an hour of being notified. We also do complimentary security assessments and audits designed to protect your establishment and video slot machines from theft or other types of issues.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We love and appreciate each and every one of our Illinois gaming license holders. And if you ask them, the feeling seems to be mutual. Take a look at what some of our friends at local establishments have said about their experiences with us!

What’s not to like?! I have the latest and greatest games, as promised and my machines are monitored and maintained at all times. Whenever I have an issue, the techs are usually out within 15 minutes of calling! They have an outstanding support team who go above and beyond for our bar and the assistance from their marketing team is something I can’t even begin to explain. From hosting an event or themed parties to helping us promote our business, they do it all! I have never had an issue with them and truly value my business relationship with AHG.
Raj Thakkar, Prairie Station Pub
From the people to the promotions, AHG is AMAZING! Working with Awesome Hand Gaming has been nothing but good to me. They have made sure to always take care of me from the get-go. Their services are incredible, whenever I have a problem, they come out super quick to make sure that everything is fixed right away.
Donnie Zielinski, Bowl Hi Lanes
I have been doing business with Awesome Hand for 24 years. Never have I questioned service, integrity, or a continued effort to do better! Since adding Carrie and her team to the equation, they have elevated our gaming facility through cross promotions and support to make my establishments leaders in our county!
Owner, Halftime Bar & Grill, Big Fran’s Boardwalk Gaming, and Moe’s on Main
Awesome Hand Gaming Staff has been an amazing group of people to partner with. They are genuinely driven to see US succeed. They offer promotional events that have proven to be successful and fit with any age group to bring amazing memories for all. The staff from top down are personable and respond to emails and calls timely. The machines have had many winners and the maintenance staff are above responsive when we call. I look forward to the partnership with AHG and appreciate all that is to come.
Donna Juszczyk, C’mon Inn

How to Get Started With Video Slot Machines & Illinois Gaming

Are you ready to team up with the best Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator? Awesome Hand Gaming can be set to go at a moment’s notice whenever you are prepared to obtain Illinois gaming machines and take advantage of Illinois gaming revenue.

Whether you need help getting your Illinois Gaming License for the first time from the Illinois Gaming Board or you are simply looking for a change in provider, we’re here to help! Awesome Hand Gaming provides the latest video slot machines form manufacturers such as WMSNovomatic GroupIGTInspiredBally TechnologiesSPIELO International™, and Aristocrat Technologies Inc.

In addition, we offer game room design services accompanied with excellent marketing and slot machine solutions. With proper notification, we can have our Illinois gaming machines and video slots installed within 24 hours after your old terminals have been removed.

Get in touch with us today to learn more and see how Awesome Hand Gaming can improve your Illinois gaming revenue.

Tying the Knot

Current Agreement

When you have decided it is time to make the switch to Awesome Hand Gaming, it is important to cancel your current agreement. You can cancel your agreement with your current Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator at the end of its term based on the specified clause in that agreement.

New Agreement

Since you already have your Illinois Gaming License, there is no need to reapply! Awesome Hand Gaming will contact your current operator to coordinate a machine removal date, and a day to install your brand new video slot machines. Generally, the technicians at Awesome Hand Gaming will be there to install the new machines on the same day! 

Awesome Hand Gaming will also contact the Illinois Gaming Board to adjust the new partnership on their end. At Awesome Hand Gaming, we go by the book to avoid fines and eliminate the risk of losing licenses on both ends. We provide everything we can to uphold and enhance every customer’s experience.


How Long Will the Games Be Down During the Transition From My Current Illinois Gaming Operator to Awesome Hand Gaming?

It will take between 24-48 hours for the technicians at Awesome Hand Gaming to activate your new video slot machines and games. To prevent a loss in Illinois gaming revenue, it’s our goal to install your new games and Illinois video gaming machines the same day or the day after your old machines are removed by your old operator. Scheduling issues with the Illinois Gaming Board or Scientific Games can delay your downtime.

Will I Have All the Latest Games in the Illinois Video Gaming Market When I Switch to Awesome Hand Gaming?

Yes! Your brand new video slot machines will include the latest software and games to ensure you are able to grow your business with revenue from gamers. Manufacturers provide updates to all Awesome Hand Gaming account holders. However, the state is responsible for scheduling software updates.

How Often Will I Receive New Games on My Video Slot Machines?

Every Awesome Hand Gaming customer or location will receive updates and new games once they are put out by the manufacturer. When Scientific Games updates their software for WMS Terminals, you will immediately receive the updated software on the video slot machines to ensure you are able to earn Illinois gaming revenue at your bar, restaurant, or truck stop. We provide everything to uphold and enhance your customers experience through convenience, comfort, privacy, and esthetic as long as it falls within the legal guidelines. With that being said, Awesome Hand Gaming will ensure that your Illinois video gaming area has the electricity and security required to prevent theft and underage gambling. Each gaming room will be built in accordance with the requirements from the Illinois gaming board and your local municipality.

Am I Able to Request An Exact Video Slot Machine Manufacturer and Model That I Want For My Bar or Restaurant as Long As Awesome Hand Gaming Offers It?

Yes! The team at Awesome Hand Gaming will do everything possible to get you the games and video slot machines you want. We will also provide guidance on which Illinois video gaming machines are the most viable for your location based on space, games, product mix, and market strategy.

When a Game Goes Down, How Long Will I Have to Wait For a Technician to Come and Fix It?

Due to the close-knit proximity in which Awesome Hand Gaming operates, our service technicians are likely to arrive at your bar, restaurant, or truck stop within an hour to help you restore your slot machines and earn Illinois gaming revenue. Although unforeseen circumstances arise from time to time, which might delay the speed of our services. We are confident our response-time will surpass any other Illinois Gaming Terminal Operator.

Will Awesome Hand Gaming Cover the Cost of the Build-Out For Our Gaming Space & Slot Machine Configuration?

As part of the Illinois Gaming Board inducement policy, it is considered illegal. The Video Gaming Act Rule 1800.270 (d) states that Licensed Video Gaming Locations can “accept nothing of value from any video terminal operator or any agent or representative of any video terminal operator as an incentive or inducement to locate, keep, or maintain video gaming terminals at the licensed video gaming location.” Awesome Hand Gaming follows all rules and regulations to avoid fines and eliminate the risk of losing Illinois gaming licenses for both ourselves and locations.

Will Awesome Hand Gaming Be Able to Provide a Bigger Share of Illinois Gaming Revenue to My Bar, Restaurant, or Truck Stop?

No. Revenue share dictates how Illinois gaming revenue is split between the State of Illinois, the local municipality, the licensed establishment, and the terminal operator. No terminal operator has control over revenue share — it is mandated completely by the State of Illinois. At this time, the state receives 34% and the Terminal Operator accepts 32.57435%. The licensed establishment will collect 32.57435% of Illinois gaming revenue while Scientific Games will earn exactly 0.8513%.