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Parkside Pub

Parkside Pub

Parkside Pub

Why You Should Visit

Parkside Pub is located in downtown Huntley, and they have an extensive menu, which is available whether you’re dining in or carrying out. Parkside offers delicious bar food, and they’re home to the annual Turkey Testicle Festival. The event is world-famous and it showcases many bands from the area on top of the delicacy itself.

Bars are usually synonymous with smaller menus and greasy food. But at Parkside Pub, food is one of the venues’ major strengths. You’ll always be able to get your monster burger, but the bar also offers fish, soups, melts, and tacos. And with generous portions, you’re sure to leave full…and might even have leftovers!

The Turkey Testicle Festival has been going on since 1983, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. While some may be put off by the bluntly-put name and nature of the event, we can assure you that it’s well worth the trip. The event gets a large turnout time and again, and the turkey testicles are always in high demand.

Parkside Pub features a casual, laid-back atmosphere with an amazing, knowledgeable waitstaff. If you’re on the fence about visiting Parkside Pub, we’ll make it easy for you. Check this place out. You won’t be disappointed!

Visit Parkside Pub’s Website

11721 E Main St. Huntley, IL 60142

(847) 669-8496

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00am-1:00am
Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-2:00am

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