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The time is now to ramp up your gaming revenue with the latest line of IGT slot machines and Spielo games. These brand new machines are causing quite a stir among slot players and venues in the gaming world. But what’s the big fuss about these new video slot machines? And what exciting features do they bring to the gaming industry? Let’s take a look at the brand new IGT and Spielo video slot machines and explore how they can grow your restaurant, truck stop, or bar.

Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois gaming terminal operator that offers the latest slot machines from IGT, such as the G23 V2 Upright, CrystalDual 27, E20 Upright, and CrystalSlant. We are dedicated to growing your restaurant or bar with interactive games and entertainment.  The easiest way to increase the number of time customers spend at your restaurant is to offer robust activities and games accompanied by extensive food and beverage menu that appeals to a large group of people. Offering video slot machines and games to customers will incentivize them to spend additional money on appetizers, cocktails, and entrees.

Available IGT Video Slot Machines

E20 Upright Slot Machine

G23 V2 Upright Video Slot Machine

Axxis 23/23 Slot Machine

CrystalDual 27 Video Slot Machine

prodiGi Vu Slot Machine

CrystalSlant Video Slot Machine

Add IGT Video Slot Machines to Your Restaurant or Bar

Do you want to install IGT video slot machines and games at your bar, restaurant, or truck stop? Fill out this form to reach a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming. We offer slot machine installation and maintenance services in Illinois.

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Benefits of Installing IGT Slot Machines

Our catalog of IGT video slot machines are equipped with interactive 360° viewable lights that are designed to grab your customer’s attention from across the dining area. Each slot machine features an integrated phone charging station to promote customer retention, high-definition displays to advocate engagement, and premium audio systems to encourage excitement. Each IGT slot machine features intuitive buttons to promote comfort and mobility.

IGT Video Slot Machines

The staff at Awesome Hand Gaming offers the most popular video slot machines by IGT and SPIELO. To help you choose a gaming machine for your restaurant, we have created a list for each slot machine model we stock for establishments in Illinois.


IGT E20 Upright Video Slot Machine

Unrivaled Gaming Library & Software

Let’s begin with the IGT E20 Upright Video Slot Machine. This slot machine comes equipped with a legendary library of games to choose from. From video blackjack to video poker, IGT is lined up with games for any type of player. Popularly known for having one of the largest game themes in the industry, IGT slots feature a wide array of games that’ll keep players thoroughly entertained. 

Updated gaming features simplify the gaming experience and allow you to integrate IGT slot machines into your establishment effortlessly. The IGT E20 Upright terminal doesn’t contain complex technology components—only a single software version sustains the most popular games in the industry.

Intuitive Touchscreen Menu

Maximize gameplay with an intuitive touchscreen. The IGT E20 slot machine comes equipped with user-friendly capabilities that reside in the easy-to-navigate touchscreen menu. This allows for a smooth operating experience that prompts longer gameplay.

IGT G23 V2 Upright Video Slot Machine

IGT Video Slot Machine

Unrivaled Gaming Library & Software

A premium widescreen machine for endless entertainment—the IGT G23  V2 Upright Video Slot Machine provides players an elevated gaming experience with the addition of stellar entertainment features. This gaming machine features a 23” 16:9 LCD display that is designed to immerse users in games. In addition, the full-function Audiovox sound system is synchronized with 14 buttons that are designed to promote interactions with different levels in games. Awesome Hand Gaming offers the IGT G23 V2 Machine to restaurants, bars, and truck stops in Illinois. Give our team a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 to discuss the advantages of providing games to customers at your establishment.

Dimensions of Gaming Machine

The IGT G23 Upright Slot Machine includes AVP® 3.0 Premium Electronics and bright lights that will attract customers as they are eating at your restaurant. An advantage of installing this IGT machine is that it is compatible with current AVP®  games and is RoHS compliant. The dimensions of the gaming machine are 23” wide x 15.5” deep at the base of the cabinet to the back, 22.3” deep from the button panel bolster to the back of the cabinet, and 57.3” tall.

SPIELO Axxis 23/23 Video Slot Machine

Revolutionize your gaming experience with a fully-integrated IGT slot machine featuring lighting and crisp high-resolution graphics that entice players. This gaming machine merges the latest technology with user-friendly capabilities that every modern gaming experience should have.  The SPIELO Axxis 23/23 slot machine is equipped with a basic nine-button layout panel that makes for easy navigating.

To add to its modern design, this SPIELO slot machine has a wider stance and an extended deck to give players more personal space and comfort while gaming. Players can always charge their phones with the built-in external SB charging station, extending the time of play sessions. The machine also has easy access to locks and reset switches located on the front of the machine, making servicing the machines simpler and quicker.

IGT Slot Machine

SPIELO CrystalDual 27 Slot Machine

Keep players engaged and returning for more. As an evolution of the Crystal Series, the IGT CrystalDual® 27 slot machine fuses seamless operating software with durability and accessibility. Elevating its modern appeal, the machine has been updated with cabinet finishes and a revamped player area that features large 27” high-definition screens designed for an unforgettable gaming session.

SPIELO prodiGi Vu Gaming Machine

The SPIELO prodiGi Vu™ cabinet comes player-tested with an incredibly enhanced gaming experience. Features include intuitive button panel locations, optimal screen heights, and a wrist rest. This SPIELO slot machine features increased legroom to ensure customers are comfortable and continue playing your games. To add value to players’ gaming, the device features dual 22″ wide LCD screens, vibrant full-color digital buttons, and multi-channel audio for improved sound quality.

This slot machine by IGT is equipped with powerful software that provides high-quality graphics with an expansion capability. To top it off, players can bring their dreams to life with the richly diverse IGT game library that includes enhanced animations, controllable standard marquee, and belly lighting. Explore a fully immersive gaming opportunity with the SPIELO prodiGi Vu Video Slot Machine.

IGT Slot Machine
IGT Slot Machine

SPIELO CrystalSlant Video Slot Machine

The SPIELO CrystalSlant Video Slot Machine contains industry-leading hardware developments and seamless software paired nicely with the next-generation slant cabinet. As an addition to the Crystal Series, the IGT CrystalSlant™ Gaming Machines come with a video topper for increased merchandising. In addition, the slot machine includes other features such as a dynamic player panel with dual bash buttons and an improved monitor resolution with a 27” game screen and optional 32” landscape upper display.

Similar to other updated IGT and SPIELO slot machines, this device comes with a built-in external USB charging port, easy access to locks and resets switches, and Full HD LCD: 1920 X 1080 resolution. Its seamless operation shortens installation time significantly and maintains a modern look consistent with that of the IGT CrystalDual®, CrystalCore®, and S3000® gaming machines.

Please Note: Awesome Hand Gaming does not offer the SPIELO CrystalSlant 32. However, Awesome Hand Gaming does offer the CrystalSlant.

Popular IGT Games

Big City 5s
Candy Bars
Cash Cove
Dangerous Beauty
Dragons Temple
Fire Horse
Fire Opals
Gold Bar 7's

Video Games for IGT Slot Machines

  • 7’s Wild
  • Big City 5’s
  • Bigger City 5’s
  • Black Widow
  • Blackjack
  • Bonus Burning Hearts
  • Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Candy Bars
  • Cash Cove  Cats
  • Caveman Keno
  • Celestial Palace
  • Cherry Chests
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Deuces Bonus Poker
  • Deuces Wild Bonus Poker
  • Deuces Wild Poker
  • Disco Dolphin
  • Doctor Bonejangles
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Dragon’s Temple
  • Egyptian Quest
  • Fire Horse
  • Fire Opals
  • Frost and Fire 7’s
  • Gold Bar 7’s
  • Golden Goddess
  • Golden Jungle
  • Greatest Game in the West
  • Hot Roll Triple Double Diamond
  • Icarus the Journey
  • Ice Hot
  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Poker
  • Jungle Riches
  • Kapow
  • Kitty Glitter
  • Knight’s Realm
  • Lucky 8 Lines

Benefits of Installing An IGT Slot Machine

Accelerating Your Digital Growth

IGT is an industry leader in the world of gaming. With over 12,000 employees across the globe, IGT has generated top-tier video slot machines and products that attract and enable players to participate in the ultimate digital video gambling experience. IGT and its holding company are headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operating headquarters in Rome, Italy; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Providence, Rhode Island. 

IGT is committed to the innovation and development of the video gaming industry as a whole. Whether it be disruptive innovation such as TRUE 4D games that deliver a multi-sensory slot experience, and PowerSight technology that enables players to manipulate components of gameplay through head and eye movement, you can count on IGT to innovate for the needs of today and the opportunities of the future.

Illinois Gaming Updates
Illinois Gaming Board Updates

History Of IGT

International Game Technology (IGT) is an international video gambling organization that was established in 1990. Prior to becoming IGT, the organization was formerly known as GTech Corporation in the United States. In 2004, GTech purchased the assets of Spielo, a company that started in 1990 and specialized in the development of video gaming terminals, central systems, and games.

As GTech continued to grow, it caught the attention of other institutions in the gaming field. In 2006, GTech was acquired by an international gambling company called Lottomatica. The gambling institution adopted the GTech name to take advantage of the brand recognition the organization maintained in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The acquisition helped Lottomatica gain access to employees in various countries around the world.

Once the acquisition was complete, the staff at GTech continued to develop state-of-the-art video gambling hardware and software for the video game industry. Fast forward to 2014, GTech purchased a gambling organization in the United States called IGT. The association adopted the IGT brand along with its products and services. IGT provides innovative video gambling operations in over 100 countries across the globe.

Grow Your Business With Video Slot Machines & Illinois Video Gaming

Looking to add IGT or SPIELO video slot machines to your bar, restaurant, or establishment? Video gaming is an AWESOME way to boost your bottom line through Illinois gaming revenue! Opt-in on the latest video slot machines for a modern gaming experience everyone will love. 

Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that provides slot machines and video gaming services! We offer a rich variety of video slot machines that are industry-leading and equipped with superior software. Awesome Hand Gaming helps you through each step required to obtain SPIELO and IGT games. 

Our goal is to help you begin earning Illinois gaming revenue as soon as possible! Give our team a call at (855) 921-1030 to discuss the prerequisites to earning an Illinois Video Gaming License and the benefits of video gaming.  Already have slot machines in your establishment? Perfect – we are experts at helping to maximize your pre-existing Illinois gaming revenue as well.