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Adding Illinois slot machines to your establishment has what seems like a mile long list of benefits, especially when you partner with Awesome Hand Gaming. Awesome Hand Gaming (AHG) is the top Illinois video gaming terminal operator offering every type of Illinois video gaming service you need to get started in this industry and maintain a high-quality experience running gaming machines at your location.

From service technicians and collectors to marketing representatives, security managers, and Owner Chris McSwain, you’ll get to know everyone on our team at a personal level. One look at our company will be enough to start a long and happy business relationship.

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Company Overview

Even though Illinois gaming machines weren’t legalized until 2012, Awesome Hand Gaming got a headstart on the pending industry by forming an LLC back in 2010. Ready for the opportunity to move forward as soon as the necessary laws were passed, we started off as an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator with only two official employees.

Since then, our team has rapidly expanded alongside our growing operation that is now over 200 Illinois slot machine locations. The group we’ve put together is dedicated to every aspect of the Illinois gaming machine industry as we strive to help companies increase their bottom lines with Illinois gaming revenue.

Current President/CEO of Awesome Hand Gaming

The crew at AHG is powered by a four-man partnership that runs the LLC together. Chris McSwain, the owner and face of the company, has established himself as the leader of operations, but also maintains an open-door policy to both his staff and every client who wishes to contact to inquire about Illinois slot machines and gaming services.


As Awesome Hand Gaming’s leading administrator, Kim Motyka, our champion, is responsible for monitoring and keeping track of every location’s Illinois liquor licenses, applications, and other basic renewals. Without her, many of these necessary documents would go by the wayside, leaving both parties with expired licenses and extra issues. She keeps everyone up-to-date, ensuring everything remains current.

Security For Your Illinois Slot Machines

Awesome Hand Gaming offers unparalleled security services for your Illinois slot machines at your bar, restaurant, or truck stop. To maintain order both during the day and when a location is closed, our Head of Security, Rick Brogan, conducts high-level security assessments that help prevent risks to the establishment and the people working there.

As a starting point, we’ll confirm your security cameras and alarm systems are set up properly and aimed at the most vulnerable areas of your Illinois gaming machine room. From there, our assessor will review your opening and closing routines to ensure the probability of crimes or danger are as low as possible. Part of the process will be checking the lighting around the building to ensure there are no dark spots or places that prevent a clear line of sight.

If there is trash, junk, or large piles of debris around the building, we’ll also advise they be cleaned up to minimize hiding places to other potential hazards they could cause. Additionally, our security personnel will check the landscaping around the establishment to prohibit easy access to widows and places for concealment.

Our dedication to the safety of your establishment and Illinois gaming machines are continued with recurring assessments to ensure these standards are always being met and better yet, exceeded.

Illinois Slot Machines Service & Maintenance

With safety in order, ensuring your Illinois slot machines are always running at their peak performance is our next priority. This is why we have a dependable team of over 20 local service technicians ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Each Illinois slot machine technician is assigned to either a northern or southern region, providing them with easy access for both emergencies and routine maintenance. With these standards, we are typically able to reach any of our client establishments within an hour.

Our service technicians make regular visits to ensure everything is in order with your Illinois gaming machines. We take the time to fill the paper, while also cleaning the bill acceptors, buttons, and the full machine itself.

Having an issue with your Illinois gaming machines? Contact our service techs with any problems. The most common video slot machine repairs include:

Paper jams

Bill jams

Blank monitor

Machine locked or frozen

Lost communications with Sci Game network

Marketing & Event Coordination

Are you concerned about keeping your guests happy and engaged while they’re playing your Illinois slot machines? Marketing Manager Carrie Draper and her team of marketing representatives are specially trained to promote your Illinois video gaming establishment and get people walking through the doors. We provide all the necessary advertising material to market your Illinois slot machines and catch the attention of customers.

These representatives focus on building strong relationships with the owners and managers of each location to maintain a steady flow of constant communication. Having handled marketing campaigns for over 200 locations, you can count on Awesome Hand Gaming to promote your bar or restaurant and boost your total incoming Illinois gaming revenue.

Among the best ways to boost the Illinois gaming revenue at your establishment is running local events. We host over 100 custom events for our gaming locations every year, setting us apart from other Illinois video gaming terminal operators who leave companies to do this on their own.

Led by our Events Marketing Manager KJ, a team of 3-5 professional event specialists from Awesome Hand Gaming will help you plan, promote, and execute a special occasion that is customized for your establishment.

Some of our most popular events include:

Bar Olympics



Life-size Battle Pong


Here at AHG, we care about your peace of mind. To ensure every event, tournament, sweepstakes, and contest is conforming with Illinois state regulations, we have an attorney on retainer to provide reliable insight. As new marketing opportunities present themselves, our teams check with the lawyer to confirm it aligns with local laws.

You can move forward with these exciting occasions without fear of getting fined or losing your Illinois gaming license. We always recommend reaching out to us if you ever have a question of whether something is legal or not.

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