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The Illinois Video Gaming Act permits licensed establishments, such as bars and restaurants, to obtain video slot machines and participate in video gambling in Illinois. Under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, the Illinois Gaming Board allows restaurants and bars to have up to 6 slot machines. Large truck stops are authorized to have up to 10 video slot machines. Video slot machines are utilized by business owners to generate Illinois slot machine revenue and attract customers.

Learn About Illinois Video Gaming Establishments & the Illinois Gaming Board

Under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, municipalities have the power to prohibit or allow video gambling in Illinois and the utilization of Illinois slot machines. Before you decide to use slot machines and add Illinois slot machines revenue to your bottom line, you’ll need to determine whether your establishment is in a qualified area. View a list of municipalities from the Illinois Gaming Board that allow or disallow video gambling machines.

All Establishments Should Obtain the Necessary Licenses to Comply With the Illinois Video Gaming Act

If your location is within one of the municipalities that allow slot machines and video gambling in Illinois, the next step will be getting your establishment authorized to install slot machines and earn Illinois gaming revenue. All parties involved with the Illinois video gaming market and Illinois Video Gaming Act must have the proper licenses, including:

In order to qualify for Illinois video gaming and slot machines under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, establishments are required to have a liquor license or be considered a truck stop. The licensing process takes time and patience, but Awesome Hand Gaming can help you prepare everything you need to pass your site inspection.

Benefits of Illinois Video Gaming & the Illinois Video Gaming Act

Incorporating Illinois slot machines and video gambling into your business provides immense opportunity to attract more customers and generate Illinois slot machines revenue. The benefits of video gambling in Illinois and adding slot machines and games to your establishment include access to new markets and high customer retention rates. In addition, utilizing the Illinois Video Gaming Act to add video slot machines to your establishment helps enhance the economic stability of Illinois.

The income earned from customers that play your Illinois slot machines is shared between the city, state, Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator, and the business.

  • State: 30%
  • Terminal Operator: 34.57435%
  • Licensed Location: 34.57435%
  • Scientific Games Admin Fee: 0.8513%

View more approximations with the IGB’s reporting tool.

View Illinois Video Gaming Revenue Data from the Illinois Gaming Board

The total gaming revenue generated from video gambling in Illinois by bars, restaurants, fraternal organizations and other businesses varies. Click here to see a breakdown of Net Terminal Income (NTI) and other video gaming revenue reports from the Illinois Gaming Board. The system allows you to search for detailed totals under state, municipality, or even a specific establishment.

We Provide Marketing Tools & Platforms to Businesses to Boost Illinois Gaming Revenue

Once you have met the guidelines of the Illinois Video Gaming Act and are allowed to implement video gaming in Illinois, our Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator team will help you establish a marketing plan to pull more people to your location. Awesome Hand Gaming offers a large selection Marketing for video gaming locations to ensure their slot machines produce Illinois gaming revenue. We will help your bar, restaurant, fraternal organization, or truck stop promote its slot machines and video gambling in Illinois to help boost sales. Awesome Hand Gaming is able to offer web design, branding, social media, blogs, press releases, content, and print marketing assistance to establishment owners.

Video Slots Machines from Awesome Hand Gaming

Looking at the steps and licenses required by the Illinois Gaming Board to add video gambling services to your business in Illinois can feel stressful and overwhelming. But Awesome Hand Gaming makes the process simple, doing much of the work for you.

Reliable Video Slot Machine Manufacturers

We have partnered with some of the top gaming manufacturers to make sure you have the best video slot machines available. Popular names in the industry like Bally Technologies, IGT, WMS, Novomatic, SPIELO InternationalInspired and Aristocrat Technologies.

allow us to provide our locations with top-tier slot machines and Illinois video gaming services for their customers.

Platinum Players Club

Our Platinum Players Club loyalty program is a great way to keep players engaged. You’ll be able to promote your establishment on the mobile platform, and customers can use the mobile app to gain loyalty points by checking in to your establishment. Additional points are rewarded to customers that attend Awesome Hand Gaming events at your location. These points can be redeemed for merchandise, coupons, discounts, and other freebies.

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