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The Illinois Video Gaming Act permits licensed establishments, such as bars and restaurants, to obtain video slot machines and participate in video gambling in Illinois. Under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, the Illinois Gaming Board allows restaurants and bars to have up to 6 slot machines. Large truck stops are authorized to have up to 10 video slot machines. Video slot machines are utilized by business owners to generate Illinois slot machine revenue and attract customers.

Learn About Illinois Video Gaming Establishments & the Illinois Gaming Board

Under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, municipalities have the power to prohibit or allow video gambling in Illinois and the utilization of Illinois slot machines. Before you decide to use slot machines and add Illinois slot machines revenue to your bottom line, you’ll need to determine whether your establishment is in a qualified area. View a list of municipalities from the Illinois Gaming Board that allow or disallow video gambling machines.

All Establishments Should Obtain the Necessary Licenses to Comply With the Illinois Video Gaming Act

If your location is within one of the municipalities that allow slot machines and video gambling in Illinois, the next step will be getting your establishment authorized to install slot machines and earn Illinois gaming revenue. All parties involved with the Illinois video gaming market and Illinois Video Gaming Act must have the proper licenses, including:

In order to qualify for Illinois video gaming and slot machines under the Illinois Video Gaming Act, establishments are required to have a liquor license or be considered a truck stop. The licensing process takes time and patience, but Awesome Hand Gaming can help you prepare everything you need to pass your site inspection.

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Benefits of Illinois Video Gaming & the Illinois Video Gaming Act

Incorporating Illinois slot machines and video gambling into your business provides immense opportunity to attract more customers and generate Illinois slot machines revenue. The benefits of video gambling in Illinois and adding slot machines and games to your establishment include access to new markets and high customer retention rates. In addition, utilizing the Illinois Video Gaming Act to add video slot machines to your establishment helps enhance the economic stability of Illinois.

The income earned from customers that play your Illinois slot machines is shared between the city, state, Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator, and the business.

  • State: 34%
  • Terminal Operator: 32.57435%
  • Licensed Location: 32.57435%
  • Scientific Games Admin Fee: 0.8513%%

View more approximations with the IGB’s reporting tool.

View Illinois Video Gaming Revenue Data from the Illinois Gaming Board

The total gaming revenue generated from video gambling in Illinois by bars, restaurants, fraternal organizations and other businesses varies. Click here to see a breakdown of Net Terminal Income (NTI) and other video gaming revenue reports from the Illinois Gaming Board. The system allows you to search for detailed totals under state, municipality, or even a specific establishment.

How to Improve Your Business & Earn Illinois Gaming Revenue

Video Slots Machines from Awesome Hand Gaming

Looking at the steps and licenses required by the Illinois Gaming Board to add video gambling services to your business in Illinois can feel stressful and overwhelming. But Awesome Hand Gaming makes the process simple, doing much of the work for you. If you would like to obtain video slot machines for your bar or restaurant, give our team a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 or fill out our Service Form.

Types of Illinois Video Gaming Fees

Annual $100 Video Gaming Location License Fee

According to Illinois Gaming Board, a Licensed Video Gaming Location such as a bar or restaurant will receive an email to the address on file from the application. The email will state what needs to be in order to request a renewal of an Illinois gaming license. All information on the application needs to be up to date. The Administrative Assistant at Awesome Hand Gaming will generally handle this on your behalf. Please do not send payment for your licenses renewal until you receive your renewal email.

Failure to pay the annual Illinois gaming license renewal fee by the assigned deadline will result in an expired license, which will be verified at the Illinois Gaming Board meeting held in the month and year of your license expiration date. All VGTs ( Video Gaming Terminals) will be shut down immediately. Should you pay the renewal fee within 10 business days following the expiration of your Illinois gaming license license, your businesses video slot machines may be turned back on without having to reapply for a license. If however, you fail to pay the renewal fee within 10 business days, you will need to reapply for a license.

A licensee shall pay the following license fees annually, as applicable: Licensed establishment, licensed truck stop establishment, licensed large truck stop establishment, licensed fraternal establishment, or licensed veterans establishment — $100. BAR OR RESTAURANT

$100 Per Video Gaming Terminal State License Fee 

Per the Illinois Gaming Board, a licensee shall pay the following license fees annually, as applicable. Your bar, restaurant, or truck stop is required to pay $100 per video slot machine each year. For example; Illinois video gaming establishments with 6 video gaming terminals are required to pay $100 per machine, for a total of $600. If you have questions about the Video Gaming Terminal State License Fee, give the team at Awesome Hand Gaming a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 to receive assistance.

Municipality Licensing Fees

Illinois allows establishments with liquor licenses to install video slot machines subject to state regulations and a state license. The cost of a liquor license varies by municipality, so it is important to check fees per community. Some municipalities may impose a “permit fee” for each Illinois video gaming terminal or for your establishment in general. While one city’s permit fee can be $25.00 per video gaming terminal per year, another municipality’s fee might be $1,000 per video gaming terminal per year. These fees are accompanied by an annual renewal fee and an initial application fee. 

Business Registration Fees

Before considering gaming, your business needs to be registered with the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State’s website will provide all fee-related steps and information. Planning your expenses in advance can make the LLC process much more smooth. The fee for an LLC in Illinois is slightly higher than other states. Forming an LLC costs about $500 with a $250 annual fee. The fee varies for each corporation, but the average is about $125 to start and $100 annually. 

Illinois offers a wide variety of business structures. In addition to a traditional LLC, you can choose from a series LLC or an L3C. Illinois offers over 5 different types of business corporations. The most common being a “Business Corporation”. Research different options before getting started. 

Dram Shop Liability Insurance Fee

The “Dram Shop” refers to any commercial establishment that sells liquor. Dram Shop Liability Insurance is required in Illinois for all Illinois video gaming establishments that serve or house alcohol. “Dram Shop” is associated with your liquor liability insurance. This insurance protects a bar, restaurant, or truck stop from being liable for accidents caused by customers who become intoxicated inside the establishment. 

Please note, this coverage is required before you obtain an Illinois liquor license. The cost of the Dram Shop Insurance will vary by location and municipality. It is no secret that too much booze can lead to a problematic situation. Intoxicated customers can result in injury to themselves or others. From a legal standpoint, the intoxicated person is usually held liable for their actions. However, establishments that serve alcoholic beverages may be held accountable for their unlawful actions relating to intoxicated customers. To cover liabilities, the owners of establishments with Illinois slot machines should protect their businesses with a suitable Illinois liquor liability insurance policy.

Choosing Liability Coverage

Insurance for bars requires a more complex scope of coverage than your standard restaurant policy. When searching for liability insurance you want to make sure you are not leaving your business and personal finances at risk. Many claims against bars and restaurants result from an altercation. Ensuring your policy includes “Assault and Battery Coverage” can help protect you in the event an altercation takes place. A liquor liability insurance policy that does not cover assault and battery has a limited value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Am I Required to Sign a Use Agreement With An Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator Prior to Submitting an Application to the Illinois Gaming Board?

No. A signed Use Agreement is not required for a potential licensed video gaming location to submit an application for Illinois gaming systems. However, a licensed video gaming location must have a signed Use Agreement with a licensed terminal operator prior to the scheduled site inspection. Before signing, it is important to use caution when entering into a Use Agreement. Make sure both parties have been licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board at the time of signing. Please note a valid Use Agreement is only between a licensed terminal operator and a licensed location with Illinois slot machines.

Is My Restaurant or Bar Allowed to Utilize Player Tracking Systems or Create Reward Programs For Customers That Play Slot Machines?

Cash tracking systems and players clubs in connection with Illinois slot machines may be authorized by the Illinois Gaming Board in the future, but are prohibited at this time. Terminal Operators and/or licensed Illinois video gaming locations are permitted to collect information on a voluntary basis. Player contact information can be used in connection with promotional mailings, sweepstakes, and loyalty points.

Am I Allowed to Have More Than 1 Game on My Video Slot Machines?

Yes, provided that the games have been tested and approved. Awesome Hand Gaming only provides video slot machines with multiple games available on them.

Can Approved Video Slot Machines Be Shipped Directly to a Licensed Restaurant or Bar?

Yes, a licensed Illinois Gaming Terminal Operator has the authority to ship approved video slot machines directly to licensed restaurants, bars, and truck stops.

What Date Does My Illinois Gaming License Expire?

Although you may be familiar with the exact month and year to renew your Illinois gaming license, the expiration date will vary depending on when the Illinois Gaming Board meets each month. If a license was issued to your bar or restaurant in September 2019, your license is set to expire on the date of the upcoming monthly meeting, September 17, 2020.

The Illinois Gaming Board publishes its upcoming meeting dates on its website. If the board does not have a meeting planned during the month and year of your expiration date, your Illinois gaming license will be usable until the next monthly board meeting.

How Can I Stay Updated With New Regulations in the Illinois Video Gaming Industry?

New Illinois gaming regulations are continuously introduced to the Secretary of State and are posted to the Illinois Register. Each of the new regulations in the register are unofficial and are eligible to be changed and reviewed by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) prior to implementation. To access a list of proposed Illinois video gaming regulations, navigate to the Gaming Regulations & Laws section of the Illinois Gaming Board site. This section includes a list of pending regulation adjustments in the Illinois Register.

How Can I Submit My Opinion On a New Proposed Illinois Video Gaming Regulation Adjustment?

If you are in favor or against a new proposed Illinois video gaming regulation, you may decide to submit a comment or suggestion to the Illinois Gaming Board during the First Review period. Your comment should be sent in written form to the Illinois Gaming Board office at the address of 160 N. LaSalle, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60601. The first review period will be active for a total of 45 days or more.

Once the second review period of the proposed Illinois video gaming regulations begins, you will no longer be able to send suggestions to the Illinois Gaming Board. All public comments should be sent in writing to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) at the address of 700 Stratton Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706. The second review period will be initiated after the Illinois Gaming Board sends the pending Illinois video gaming regulations to the JCAR.

To ensure your suggestion for an Illinois gaming regulation is considered by the Illinois Gaming Board and Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, you will be required to indicate the section of the proposed Illinois video gaming regulation you are concerned about. Although it may be possible for establishment owners to submit suggestions to the Illinois Gaming Board or JCAR, we recommend submitting your comments to the staff at Awesome Hand Gaming. 

We are an Illinois Gaming Terminal Operator that is dedicated to representing bar and restaurant owners in the state of Illinois. Once we receive your public comments to the pending gaming regulations, we will forward the information to the Illinois Gaming Board and other necessary parties. Give our team a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 to make a suggestion regarding video slot machine and gaming regulations.

We Provide Marketing Tools & Platforms to Businesses to Boost Illinois Gaming Revenue

Once you have met the guidelines of the Illinois Video Gaming Act and are allowed to implement video gaming in Illinois, our Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator team will help you establish a marketing plan to pull more people to your location. Awesome Hand Gaming offers a large selection Marketing for video gaming locations to ensure their slot machines produce Illinois gaming revenue. We will help your bar, restaurant, fraternal organization, or truck stop promote its slot machines and video gambling in Illinois to help boost sales. Awesome Hand Gaming is able to offer web design, branding, social media, blogs, press releases, content, and print marketing assistance to establishment owners.

Obtain Video Slot Machines For Your Bar, Restaurant, Truck Stop, or Fraternal Organization

If you have questions about the Illinois Video Gaming Act, view the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Illinois Gaming Board website. Awesome Hand Gaming provides video slot machines and gaming services to bars, restaurants, truck stops, and fraternal organizations in Illinois. If you want to obtain slot machines for your business, give our team a call by phone at (855) 921-1030 or fill out our Contact Form.

Impact of COVID-19 Health Crisis on Illinois Gambling Industry

We are releasing continuous updates about the latest COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants and businesses in Illinois. Stay informed about new video gaming and dining regulations as they are released by the state.

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