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How to Keep Your Illinois Gaming Systems & Business Organized

Keep Your Illinois Gaming Machines & Business Organized

Illinois Gaming Business Practices

Many business owners that carry Illinois gaming systems and gambling licenses feel that keeping their business organized is a second-tier need they will eventually get to when they have time. And all too often, that time never comes. In reality, the level of organization at your restaurant, bar, truck stop, or fraternal organization can have a major impact on your video game revenue and can even decide whether or not you get to keep your Illinois gambling license or video slot machines.

Following a few specific steps, you’ll be able to consistently improve your Illinois video game revenue from month to month that is generated from your Illinois gaming systems. From paperwork and scheduled updates to basic maintenance, you’ll quickly find yourself falling behind if you’re not able to keep your business organized.

Awesome Hand Gaming (AHG) is an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that provides Illinois gaming systems and video gaming to the Chicago suburbs. We also offer detailed insights into how you can properly manage your Illinois gaming systems and business with some simple practices.

Add Illinois Gaming Systems & Slot Machines to Your Business

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Track Important Dates with a Calendar

Anyone running the operations of Illinois gaming systems or a company will find themselves busy at all hours of the day. Because of this, you may often find yourself forgetting essential tasks and responsibilities throughout the week. This can cause serious complications if you’re not prepared for things like Illinois Gaming Board inspections, Illinois Gaming Board meetings, bills, payroll, and more.

To combat forgetfulness, incorporate the use of a calendar into your daily routine to keep your Illinois gaming systems and establishment organized. Whether you work better with a digital calendar app or a large paper calendar that lays across your desk, keep it updated with anything that is required to maintain your Illinois gaming machines and Illinois video gambling license. 

Awesome Hand Gaming’s administrative team also maintains a calendar for your Illinois video gaming establishment and will remind you of upcoming requirements throughout the year such as renewing your Illinois gambling license.

Keep Proper Documentation

Every bar, truck stop, restaurant, or business in the world has important paperwork they must keep organized. Companies that add Illinois gaming systems to their locations will have even more that must be separated and kept in order at all times. The success of your business and its qualification to carry a gambling license or Illinois gaming systems greatly relies on your ability to have necessary documentation readily available including vendor receipts, tax data, sales & income reports, your Illinois Gaming License, your liquor license, payroll, etc.

Follow these tips to categorize your documents and know exactly where they are when you need them:

  • Integrate a Receipt Management System
  • Separate your invoices for vendors if there is ever a question about one of the past statements
  • Use a cloud-based system like Google Drive or DropBox to create backup copies of important files like receipts, tax information, sales/income reports, payroll, and more.
  • Keep a file of your Illinois Video Gaming documents in case the Illinois Gaming Board ever needs to verify something

You are also legally obligated to keep your video gaming terminal operator notified of any changes at your establishment to your Illinois gaming systems or business practices. In addition, you may need to provide Awesome Hand Gaming with documentation regarding those adjustments.

Illinois Gaming System Repair or Maintenance

Once you have Illinois gaming systems and slot machines in your bar or restaurant, it is crucial that you have quick and easy access to your maintenance team if something goes wrong. Most Illinois gaming machine terminal operators have limited hours and availability to come and fix your Illinois gaming systems when they go down. This leads to your games sitting with blank screens for days and even weeks at a time.

But here at Awesome Hand Gaming, we have professional Illinois gaming system repair technicians on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Not only is this convenient, but it boosts your ability to stay organized even further. Our team offers Illinois gaming machine repair services for the largest manufacturers, such as IGT, Novomatic Group, WMS, Bally Technologies, and SPIELO International. Between our maintenance services, assistance with the Illinois gambling license process, and more, you can count on our team to handle every aspect of your Illinois gaming systems and video game revenue. If you are currently dissatisfied with your current Illinois gaming system operator, learn how to switch to Awesome Hand Gaming.

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