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Lake Bluff

Video Games & Slot Machines Near You in Lake Bluff, IL

What Lake Bluff lacks in size is made up for in rich entertainment. Golf courses, breweries, restaurants, and bars can all be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Many of these popular establishments have added an extra level of amusement in the form of video slot machines. Awesome Hand Gaming is a Licensed Illinois video gaming operator that proudly provides video games to establishments in Lake Bluff. Awesome Hand Gaming offers slot machines to establishments and reliable support services. Looking for video slot machines and video gaming for your restaurant, bar, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming.

30 miles North of Chicago’s Loop lies Lake Bluff, the most distant suburb on the North Shore. Originally titled Oak Hill, this small city is currently home to around 5,600 residents. Lake Bluff is one of many cities that make up most of Chicago’s North Shore, Lake Bluff has made quite the name for itself with its beautiful landscape, business opportunities, and abundant entertainment. More than half of Lake Bluff’s land mass is residential, and the rest is devoted to parks and recreation. Among the many major parks is the popular Ravine Park, measuring roughly 14 acres in area.

The park’s name was derived from a ravine that formed by an ephemeral stream which occurs from a large precipitation and flows after a heavy rainfall. Ravine Park offers a large number of nature trails that are officially protected by Lake County. Lake Bluff is also home to two large business parks. Ranging from small business entrepreneurs to industrial and commercial enterprises, these business parks are home to several large corporate headquarters including Buehler Corporation, Chelsea & Scott, Clarin Chairs, Liquid Controls and Profile Plastics.


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