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Slot Machine & Gaming Legalities – Illinois Gaming Terminal Operator

Awesome Hand Gaming follows all laws, regulations, and stipulations of the Illinois Raffles and Poker Runs Act. The legalities are outlined in the downloadable documents below.

The following information is credited to the Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Association (IGMOA):

What is the Video Gaming Act?
Passed as a major funding source for the $31 billion 2009 Capital Improvements Bill, the Video Gaming Act legalized the use of up to five (5) state-regulated, Video Gaming Terminals (VGT’s) in liquor-pouring establishments such as bars, restaurants, truck stops, and fraternal and veterans organizations. Terminal income revenue is split: 35% Operator, 35% Location, 25% State, 5% Local
Who is regulating the slot machine & gaming industry?
The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) has complete jurisdiction over and must supervise all video slot machine and gaming operations governed by the Video Gaming Act. Accordingly, the Illinois Gaming Board has all powers necessary to set and enforce the rules by which Illinois’ video slot machines will be manufactured, placed, and played.
Who is able to have video slot machines & games?
Video gaming terminals and slot machines are restricted to bars, restaurants, truck stops, and fraternal and veterans’ organizations that have a liquor license.

All locations and operators of video slot machines and games must be licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board following a thorough background check.

Local communities remain in total control over liquor license approval.

Who will protect the players and towns?
The Video Gaming Act creates a highly controlled and regulated industry within the state that is completely controlled by only one group, the Illinois Gaming Board.

All participants in the slot machine and gaming industry must be licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board following in-depth financial and criminal background checks (in conjunction with the FBI, state, and local law enforcement) on all owners and “key figures” of the business.

The expert compliance staff at our Illinois gaming terminal operator will help guide you through the complexities of the Illinois slot machine industry. Legalized video gaming should be treated as a privilege, not a right. We are a terminal operator that endorses responsible gaming. If you or someone you know has a problem gaming responsibly, please call the 24 Hour Problem Gambler Help Line at 1 (800) 522-4700.