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Awesome Hand Gaming has partnered with Youtech and Associates, an integrated marketing and development agency, to restructure their advertising and marketing strategies and provide better service to their clients. As a benefit of working with Awesome Hand Gaming, all establishments with terminals have the added advantage of Youtech’s team being available to their advantage.

Youtech Marketing
Youtech is available for all Awesome Hand Gaming locations.
Their team is available to use as a resource, and they have a 24-hour support team.
Awesome Hand Gaming Marketing

The App

In addition to traditional and digital marketing strategies, Youtech’s team has employed social and mobile ways to help both Awesome Hand Gaming terminals and their locations in general. Youtech and Awesome Hand Gaming created Platinum Players Club, an inspired mobile app that works to help not only Awesome Hand, but the gamers and the establishments. Platinum Players Club is a resource that is intended to help increase gaming revenue by increasing the establishment’s overall revenue. The app analyzes player and venue data and offers rewards and coupons in exchange for players visiting their favorite Awesome Hand Gaming bars and restaurants. Locations can also make announcements about any events or specials going on, and Youtech’s team will send out these announcements directly to members of the mobile app.

Integrated Marketing

Awesome Hand Gaming’s partnership with Youtech & Associates provides all AHG establishments with access to Youtech’s marketing strategies. Youtech has a diverse and talented team of business developers, designers, writers, account managers, and IT technicians that provides clients with a multitude of different services. Youtech can provide any Awesome Hand Gaming location with their own custom website, print materials, social media assets.

Youtech’s team controls and analyzes websites and all digital marketing to evaluate which methods work best for the client in question. Once your website is designed and activated, the IT team at Youtech will ensure that your website is running smoothly 24/7.

Services Youtech provides:

Web Design


Social Media Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Writing Services (blog posts, press releases, content writing, ect.)

Print Marketing Materials

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