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Moe’s On Main


Why You Should Visit

For all those Simpsons lovers out there, this one’s for you. In July of 2018, Moe’s on Main in McHenry was opened and rehabbed to honor the beloved cartoon tavern, Moe’s. Cruise on by and stop out front—you’ll know what we mean when we say it’s almost an exact replica! It’s enticing, to say the least, and certainly worth making your way in past the front door.

Before its grand opening as Moe’s, the historic building housed the ever-popular Main Street Saloon for over 26 years. Prior to Main Street was Philly’s, and before Philly’s was Sportsman’s, which opened in the early 1960s. But, before all of those bars made their mark, the 110-year-old building was a blacksmith shop. Whether it started out as such is up for debate, but we do know one thing: McHenry started in this place, making it quite a significant landmark!

Over time, each establishment rightfully earned their reputationsand Moe’s is no different! From Silver Strike Bowling, Golden Tee, and Red Ted’s Roadshow Pinball, to their Touchtunes Jukebox and Big Screen TVs, casual entertainment is unlimited. Not to mention their five state-of-the-art video slot machines remotely located towards the back of the bar. The spacious gaming area makes for an ideal gaming experience. Complete with personal side tables, cup holders, phone chargers, and a comfortable sense of privacy, you’ve hit the jackpot before you’ve even hit play!

Despite all the fine-tuning, face-lifting, and overall upgrade (with more to come!), Moe’s on Main sustains its much-loved charm, remains true to its name, and is what it is: an awesome bar. The original brick walls have been resurrected and the wood floors restored, all while the beer is still flowing. With $1 Old Styles and free delivery from Halftime Bar & Grill, you’re missing out if you’re missing out! So stop on in, grab a beer, and see where Moe’s on Main takes you. We promise it’ll be somewhere lucky!

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3914 Main St. McHenry, IL 60050

(815) 385-9858

Monday-Thursday: 7:00am-1:00am
Friday-Saturday: 7:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 10:00am-1:00am

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