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Illinois Gaming License Requirements from the Illinois Gaming Board

Illinois Gaming License Requirements

The process of meeting each of the Illinois gaming license requirements from the Illinois Gaming Board can be an intimidating venture. So, how do you obtain a gaming license for your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal organization. To make things easy on you, we’ve put together this all-inclusive list to get you started.

Gaming License Background Check

One of the first requirements from the Illinois Gaming Board is the gaming license background check. Per the Illinois Video Gaming Act, anyone requesting an Illinois Gaming License from the Illinois Gaming Board will be required to complete this background check. The gaming license background check will investigate key details including:

Complete audits of both business owners and staff at the Illinois video gaming establishment.

Public records of any felonies or crimes including misdemeanors, unsettled debts, and domestic issues.

Failed drug tests.

Failure to follow Video Gaming Act processes with the establishment signage and other requirements.

How do I obtain an Illinois gaming and slot machine license? Contact us.

We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that helps bars, restaurants, truck stops, and businesses obtain video slot machines and games. Awesome Hand Gaming will help you earn an Illinois gaming license for your establishment.

What Can Disqualify You From Getting a Gaming License From the Illinois Gaming Board?

As a restaurant, bar, or business owner, you may be asking yourself what can disqualify you from getting a gaming license in Illinois. An Illinois gaming establishment should prepare for these Illinois gaming license requirements to ensure they are not disqualified from getting a gaming license and video slot machines from the Illinois Gaming Board. View the full list of actions that can disqualify you from getting a gaming license.

Keep in mind, these things can disqualify you from getting a gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board. However, they may not always prevent your establishment from obtaining Illinois gaming systems or a gambling license. But it is important that you are honest on the application and include all the necessary information. A set of fingerprints will be required for each owner of the establishment by the Illinois Gaming Board during the initial sign-up, and gaming license background checks will be reviewed every year.

Illinois Gaming License Requirements From The Illinois Gaming Board

So, there are a lot of things that can disqualify you from getting a gaming license. The long list of Illinois gaming license requirements may seem quite daunting. So, how should you obtain a gambling license? Fortunately, Awesome Hand Gaming is an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that is prepared to help guide you from beginning to end. With a total of ten steps, the online application will review a number of in-depth details and confirm your qualifications.

As the Illinois Gaming Board goes over the information on your forms, they’ll be taking a close look at the business owners’ character and ability to run a business. A few of the top qualifications and Illinois gaming license requirements include:

Clear history of honesty and integrity.

A clean background check void of a criminal record and any other instances that have threatened the people of the state of Illinois.

No previous issues with the Illinois video gaming industry.

No history of questionable business practices or unethical financial arrangements, whether associated with Illinois video gaming activities or otherwise.

View a full list of Illinois Gaming License requirements.

About the Illinois Gaming Board

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) was established in 1990, shortly after the Riverboat Gambling Act was passed in February of the same year. As the second state to legalize riverboat gambling, the first casino was in operation by the following September.

Since the Illinois Gaming Board was started, they have successfully maintained the integrity and law-abiding processes of both riverboat gambling and the Illinois gaming license requirements across the state. The Illinois Gaming Board has set the Illinois gaming license requirements and manages all aspects that involve manufacturers, distributors, operators, and locations of video slot machines.

After the Illinois Video Gaming Act was enacted in July 2009, qualified establishments such as restaurants and bars are permitted to have up to 6 slot machines. In addition, large truck stops are authorized to have up to 10 video slot machines. Suitable businesses include, but aren’t limited to:

Restaurants and bars

Veteran organizations

Truck stops

Following proper notice procedures listed on the completed contracts, the Illinois Gaming Board retains access to inspect the video slot machines at all hours of the day. If an inspection needs to be conducted outside the establishments normal business hours, additional notification is required.

Where Awesome Hand Gaming Comes In

As an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator, Awesome Hand Gaming (AHG) offers a range of benefits to restaurants, bars, fraternal organizations, and truck stops that are interested in getting their gambling license from the Illinois Gaming Board and placing video gaming machines in their business. We offer video slot machines from manufacturers such as IGT, Bally Technologies, SPIELO International, Novomatic Group, and WMS.

Partner Through the Licensing Process and Beyond

As we mentioned above, the list of Illinois gaming license requirements is not a short one. We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that will be by your side as a knowledgeable partner to walk you through the steps and assist you in filling out the application from the Illinois Gaming Board. Our video gaming representatives will visit your establishment before your site inspection to ensure nothing can disqualify you from getting a gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies apply for the proper Illinois liquor licenses, fill out the necessary documentation, and even find new locations that are more fitting places for video slot machines. We offer the latest video slot machines from manufacturers such as IGTWMSBally TechnologiesSPIELO, and Novomatic.

After your bar or restaurant meets the Illinois gaming license requirements, you’ll still see an Awesome Hand Gaming representative at least once a week for a variety of additional services. You’ll have 24/7 access to our video slot machine repair technicians, who will always ensure your machines are running properly. Security managers will visit on occasion to help you preserve a high level of safety for you and your team. And you may even see our owner, Chris McSwain, from time to time so he can ensure our partners continuously meet the requirements to keep an active Illinois gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board.

Keeping You Compliant with the Illinois Gaming Board

As you determine how to obtain an Illinois gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board, you’ll find a range of complicated laws and regulations involved with the application and operation of video gaming terminals. Awesome Hand Gaming will maintain open communication with you at all times to ensure you are aware of any legal updates that occur from the Illinois Gaming Board.

We constantly reach out to our attorney as changes come up and advertising opportunities present themselves to confirm everything is being done legally. You’ll never have to worry about breaking any Illinois laws.