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Why Join? Find Locations, Play Games, Earn Points, And Get Rewards. In Essence, It’s The Same Thing You’d Do Anyway, But With Free Prizes.

How it works

earn points

1. Search “AHG Platinum Players” in the App Store or on Google Play
2. Download the app from device-specific app store
3. Click the Profile icon to sign into the app via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail
4. To begin collecting points, select Loyalty icon on the homepage
5. Select the Collect Points button
6. Location staff types in unique, specific code
7. Player earns 80 points for check-in
8. Player can then upload a photo for an additional 20 points


1. Select Loyalty icon on homepage
2. Select “View more” to browse available rewards
3. Select an AHG item reward
4. READ PROMPT and email listed information to
5. Select Redeem
6. Select “OK” (you do not need to show the screen to a cashier when redeeming AHG items)


1. Select Loyalty icon on homepage
2. Select “View more” to browse available rewards
3. Select a location-specific reward
4. Select Redeem
5. SHOW staff member phone for validation and redemption

loyalty program

Awesome Hand Gaming is continuing to lead the industry with our mobile app, Platinum Players Club. The mobile app will provide members with great reasons to use Awesome Hand Gaming terminals around the Chicagoland area. Players will receive notifications about events, promotions, and specials at their favorite locations. Members can earn points by checking in to Awesome Hand Gaming locations and attending events, and those points can then be redeemed for Awesome Hand Gaming merchandise, and location-specific discounts. Sounds good, right? We think so too.

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