Platinum Players Club

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[sm_custom_heading font_style=”sm-normal” uppercase=”yes”]Platinum Players Club[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]Awesome Hand Gaming is continuing to lead the industry with their new loyalty program and mobile app, Platinum Players Club. The mobile app will provide members with great reasons to use Awesome Hand Gaming terminals in their locations around the Chicagoland area. Players will receive exclusive emails about events, promotions, and specials at their favorite locations. Members can earn points by checking into Awesome Hand Gaming locations, attending events, and sharing posts on social media. Points can be redeemed for Awesome Hand Gaming merchandise, coupons, discounts, and freebies at Awesome Hand Gaming locations.

With the release of Platinum Players Club, Awesome Hand Gaming is bringing video gaming into the twenty-first century. This mobile app will help to attract all generations of gamers. By keeping up with the technology trends, not only is Awesome Hand Gaming putting rewards in the palm of the player’s hand, but they are also ensuring the growth of the gaming industry by being pioneers in the digital realm.  In order to download the app, please go to the GooglePlay or iTunes Store.[/sm_column_text]

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[sm_custom_heading font_style=”sm-normal” uppercase=”yes”]Need Slot Machines For Your Restaurant, Bar, or Business?[/sm_custom_heading][sm_column_text]We are an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator that offers video slot machines and games from the best manufacturers. Contact a specialist to learn more about Illinois video gaming.[/sm_column_text]
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