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Video Games & Slot Machines in Prairie Grove, IL

View a listing of restaurants and bars in Prairie Grove that offer video slot machines to customers. A perfect way to unwind after a long day’s work is by trying your luck on video gaming machines. Awesome Hand Gaming is a proud provider of Illinois gaming machines to establishments in Prairie Grove and surrounding areas. Looking for video games and slot machines for your restaurant, bar, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming.

While Prairie Grove wasn’t officially incorporated until 1973, the town had its first settlers much earlier than that. These early occupants built the land into what it is today. They put in seemingly endless amounts of work and sweat into setting the foundation of what is now known as Prairie Grove. The first homestead was built in 1835. In the following years, people continued to settle on and inhabit the land, build their families, and eventually finish their days on their property. Because the land was prime for farming, it also became ideal for planting familial roots. Many were able to thrive off their land, until men were called to battle during the Civil War in the 1960’s, interrupting the town’s growth.

Once the war ended, men were able to return to their land and tend their fields. Over time, as demand for machinery grew, Prairie Grove developed into a business hub. As these industries sprouted, Prairie Grove, Crystal Lake, and the town of McHenry built a new engine house, supplied Terra Cotta flour for fine arts, and eventually began to produce tile and brick. With industrial growth also came commercial growth. This in turn, significantly increased the amount of homeowners throughout Prairie Grove. With more residents comes the need for additional entertainment. These people work hard and in their off time like to unwind.

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