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Renewing a Liquor License in Illinois

How to Renew Your Illinois Liquor License

With our staff on your side, you can be confident that your Illinois video gaming establishment will always remain up-to-date with license requirements and renewals. Our success is entirely dependent on your success, so we consider it part of our job to ensure that you have the necessary tools to protect your Illinois Video Gaming Machines. Therefore, it’s not only your Video Gaming License that we want to preserve. Our team will help you renew your local liquor license and Illinois State Liquor License.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) manages the Liquor License Renewal Process, primarily, through their online portal, MyTax Illinois. In an effort to save paper, and streamline the renewal process, the ILCC no longer mails a license renewal reminder to the licensees under the Illinois Liquor Control Act. Fortunately, the Awesome Hand Gaming Team monitors and keeps track of your expiration dates in our central management system, and our administrators alert and remind business owners when those dates are coming up each year. It’s important to note, before you begin the process, that once you do apply for your Illinois Liquor License renewal, you might not see approval right away. Don’t be alarmed if your bar or restaurant is not approved immediately. While in many cases it takes only 48 hours, it could take up to one business week.

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What is MyTax Illinois?

Many bars and restaurants are already familiar with MyTax Illinois, an essential website when it comes time to renew your Illinois Liquor License. As an online account management system, MyTax Illinois may be used not only for license renewals, but also to submit brand registrations, manage your ILCC accounts, register a new business, file returns, manage your tax accounts, and manage your unemployment insurance. For our purposes, this website is useful for businesses to confirm their status in the Illinois Liquor License Renewal process. MyTax Illinois may also be utilized to pay liquor license or renewal fees and print copies of the Illinois Liquor License.

Required Documentation

The application to renew your Illinois Liquor License must be submitted to, and approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. A Sales Tax Number, Illinois Business Tax (IBT) Number, and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) are required for the Illinois Liquor License renewal process. The total cost to reactivate your license is $750.00. Additionally, you must have a copy of insurance for on and off-premise consumption as well as a photocopy of your local licensing. Please note that a receipt from the purchase of your local license is not acceptable. pay liquor license or renewal fees and print copies of the Illinois Liquor License. Illinois Liquor License.

Step-By-Step Instructions: Renewing a State Liquor License in Illinois


While the process of achieving all requirements may seem a bit intimidating, the Awesome Hand Gaming family is here to provide guidance and assistance to alleviate some of that burden. Let us walk you through the steps to renewing your Illinois State Liquor License:

1.) Use Your Username & Password to Sign In to the MyTax Illinois Website.

2.) Navigate to the “Accounts” Tab on the MyTax Illinois Website. Click On the LCC Account Link For the License You Want to Renew for Your Bar, Restaurant, Truck Stop, or Fraternal Organization

3.) Click On the “Renew” Option Next to the License Period. This Option Is Located Beneath the License Number

4.) Please Provide the Required Information & Attachments to the MyTax Illinois Site

5.) Use a Debit or Credit Card to Pay the Illinois License Fee. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission Accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Visa. Note: There May Be a Convenience Fee if You Use a Credit Card As the Payment Method

How Long Will it Take to Renew a Liquor License?

A request for an Illinois Liquor License Renewal will likely be processed within 48 hours, but it may take up to one business week. If you submit a renewal request on a holiday or during non-business hours, it may take extra time to process your request. Once processed, you will be able to view and print your new renewed Illinois Liquor License from the “Requests and Correspondence” tab of your MyTax Illinois account. The ILCC will also send an email to the email address you provided them, to remind you to print your renewed license. We encourage you to forward this email to our Administrative Assistant so that she can preserve an additional copy.

Paper Renewal

Although most restaurant and business owners renew their liquor license online, we understand if you prefer to submit a paper renewal application. However, you’ll still need to login to your MyTax Illinois Account to obtain the application, as described in the following steps:

1.) Input Your Username & Password to Sign In to the MyTax Illinois System. Next, Click on the “Correspondence” Tab

2.) Open the “LCC Renewal Application”

3.) Print the Illinois Liquor License Renewal Form. Please Input or Update the Required Information

You Will Also Be Required to Provide:

  1. Photocopy of Certificate of Insurance if Alcohol Will be Consumed On the Premise
  2. Photocopy of Current Local Liquor License.
  3. Prior Illinois State Liquor License

Once complete, you are required to submit your application to the ILCC. Please choose 1 of the 2 addresses below to mail your application.

Chicago Office

100 W. Randolph St. Suite 7-801, Chicago, IL 60601

Springfield Office

300 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 300, Springfield, IL 62702

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