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Video Gaming & Slot Machine Locations in Richmond, IL

Thriving local businesses are easy to find in Richmond, especially those that are included on the list of Illinois video gaming locations, giving patrons a chance at some big winnings. Below is a list of restaurants and bars that offer video slot machines to customers in Richmond. Awesome Hand Gaming is a proud provider of Illinois video games to establishments in neighborhood and surrounding areas. Looking for video slot machines for your restaurant, bar, or establishment? Contact a specialist at Awesome Hand Gaming.

Just a short 20 minute drive southeast of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin is the small town of Richmond, Illinois. With endless access to forests and waterways, you can just imagine the natural beauty of this area. Richmond saw its first settler in 1837, and the town eventually got its name from that settler’s hometown, Richmond, Vermont. The following year, eight more travelers settled in the area. Shortly after their arrival in 1838, the town’s growth became rapid, and its first school was built on McConnell’s Farm in 1841.

Following these developments came industrial businesses including a few cheese factories, a creamery, a pickle factory, and much more. In 1872, the town was officially incorporated. 30 years later, in 1902, a tragic fire swept through the town, destroying 20 buildings. Sadly, many owners were unable to rebuild their businesses due to lack of insurance.

Despite the setback in the town’s development, another surge in building occurred between 1903 and 1905. In recent years, the town growth has slowed down significantly, but has held its appeal through rich history and natural beauty. To this day, Richmond retains a certain charm that gives both residents and travelers a sense of community and belonging.

Doyle's Pub

Doyle's Pub & Eatery

Special Features:
Video gaming

5604 Mill St.
Richmond, IL 60071

(815) 678-3623

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