New Year = New SHWAG

Awesome Hand Gaming Giveways

Awesome Hand Gaming is staying stocked with our Awesome Giveaways for YOUR loyal gamers!

We’ve kept the favorites and added some unique goodies to the bunch so that our locations can keep up with the trends and reward their guests for gaming at their location! Because gaming at an Awesome Hand location means you’re gaming with Illinois’ leading terminal operator where EVERYONE IS A WINNER!


Light-up Poker Keychains. These poker-themed keychains add some funky aesthetic to any key ring; not to mention the practicality of having a mini flashlight in your pocket or purse at all times!

Selfie Sticks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, EVERYWHERE it’s selfie, selfie, selfie! Keep things relevant with your young clientele so they can snap a picture of themselves in YOUR bar, on YOUR games, at YOUR establishment!

Tumblers. These tumbler cups, complete with a lid and straw, are a convenient travel companion for any iced tea or iced coffee drinker on the go!

Sunglasses. You can never have enough sunglasses, and these branded UV protection sunglasses are a tasteful and practical accessory for any occasion in any season.

Koozie. The classic gift – Maintain a comfortable grip on that ice cold beer!

Playing Cards. While we don’t encourage playing with these in any of our locations, we certainly encourage some practice at home before getting on the poker slot machine at any of our great locations! And the card container is a great way to keep your cards good as new.

Shot Glasses. Shots, shots, shots! Serve your guests shots with these awesome shot glasses and let them take the goodies home! This is another gift that you can never have enough of!

Glass Ashtrays. Perfect for patio tables and porches, these ashtrays are a perfect gift for any smoker. Plus, they’re easy to clean!

Stemless Wine Glasses. These tough to topple wine glasses are perfect for using at a bar or in a home. Try them with red or white and simply enjoy!

Lighter/Bottle Openers. Light up and open bottles all in one! Keep a few of these behind the bar for those forgetful smokers!

Silicone Phone Wallet. The newest fad! For guys and gals alike, these wallets simply stick on your phone so you can store a license, card and phone all in the same place. Forget the purse, ladies!

Click Pens. A pen you WANT your guests to steal! Pass these out to your bartenders and encourage them to let the guests keep them!

We guarantee your guests will love these AWESOME Giveaways! Interested in offering giveaways at your location? Just reach out to or!