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Illinois Video Gaming Testimonials

What Our Locations Say About Us

From the people to the promotions, AHG is AMAZING! Working with Awesome Hand Gaming has been nothing but good to me. They have made sure to always take care of me from the get-go. Their services are incredible, whenever I have a problem, they come out super quick to make sure that everything is fixed right away.
Donnie Zielinski
Owner, Bowl Hi Lanes
Awesome Hand Gaming has been more than amazing to us here at Leona’s! Every time we need anything, whether it be service or marketing and promotions, they are on the ball about getting back to us. We really appreciate everything they do. Their name says it all!
Kevin and Janissa Boryca
Owners, Leona’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
What’s not to like! I have the latest and greatest games, as promised and my machines are monitored and maintained at all times. Whenever I have an issue, the techs are usually out within 15 minutes of calling! They have an outstanding support team who go above and beyond for our bar and the assistance from their marketing team is something I can’t even begin to explain. From hosting an event or themed parties to helping us promote our business, they do it all! I have never had an issue with them and truly value my business relationship with AHG.
Raj Thakkar
Owner, Prairie Station Pub
Awesome Hand Gaming Staff has been an Amazing Group of people to partner with. They are genuinely driven to see US succeed. They offer promotional events that have proven to be successful and fit with any age group to bring amazing memories for all. The Staff from top down are personable and respond to emails and calls timely. The machines have had many winners and the maintenance staff are above responsive when we call. I look forward to the partnership with AHG and appreciate all that is to come.
Donna Juszczyk
Manager, C’mon Inn
The Awesome Hand Gaming team has been a pleasure to work with. From service, to marketing, to ownership, every team is very accessible and highly responsive. Whether I have a machine down, or need some marketing assistance, I hear back from someone almost immediately. They’re always willing to join me in my marketing efforts, and they actively work to provide custom and inventive promotions to boost our slot revenue. We are proud of our longtime partnership with Awesome Hand Gaming.
Dean Stathopoulos
Owner, Muggs N Manor
I have been doing business with Awesome Hand for 24 years. Never have I questioned service, integrity, or a continued effort to do better! Since adding Carrie and her team to the equation, they have elevated our gaming facility through cross promotions and support to make my establishments leaders in our county!
Owner, Halftime Bar & Grill, Big Fran’s Boardwalk Gaming, and Moe’s on Main