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Video Gaming in Chicago

Video Gaming in Chicago

Earn Illinois Video Gaming Revenue at Your Business With Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines and video gaming in Chicago from bars, restaurants, and other freestanding establishments are now bringing in more money across the state of Illinois than all ten of the state’s casinos combined. The Illinois Gaming Board recently reported the comparison of numbers for both gambling industries and found that revenue from video gaming in the Chicago areas exceeded casinos for the first time ever.

In the last ten years, the number of casino gamblers has dropped by a staggering rate of around 36%. But when looking at the finances of video gaming, the $1.5 billion worth of revenue in 2018 was more than 15% higher than the year before.

There is a clear shift in the direction with video gaming in Chicago and it is time to utilize Illinois slot machine revenue to benefit your bottom line. The Illinois slot machines revenue earned from gaming machines and video gaming in Chicago also helps the area generate a new stream of income that can positively affect many local projects.

Obtain Video Slot Machines At Your Restaurant, Bar, Truck Stop, or Fraternal Organization

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Impact of Illinois Gaming Systems in the Chicago Suburbs

The Illinois slot machine revenue earned from video gaming in the Chicago suburbs can be used for a wide variety of plans to improve numerous aspects within the borders of the Chicago area including:

  • Local infrastructure
  • Renovations and improvements
  • Public schools
  • Public safety
  • City pension liability

The city of Chicago was incorporated back in 1833 when there was only a population of around 4,000 people. Since that time, hundreds of buildings and other facilities have been built to accommodate the city’s massive growth. But with many of them now close to 200 years old, it is time to examine how Illinois slot machine revenue earned from video gaming in Chicago can be utilized for renovations and repairs.

Debates of whether Illinois slot machine revenue can assist with the growth and funding of public schools have been raging for decades in the Chicago suburbs. Some argue not enough is given to the education system while others claim the restrictions set on how schools are able to use the money provides limited value. The reality is that regardless of how much is earned and how it is used, Illinois gaming systems and the video gaming industry in Chicago merits the consideration of becoming another tax revenue stream.

In a metro area that is constantly being mentioned among America’s most dangerous cities, public safety is becoming an ever-pressing matter for local representatives. The proceeds received from from video gaming in Chicago and Illinois gaming systems can be used to establish stronger security around the city to protect and safeguard its citizens.

Video gaming in Chicago may have a huge impact on the city pension budget. One of the most recent reports of the unfunded pension liability places the deficit at over $133.5 billion. While Illinois slot machine revenue is unlikely to cover this entire amount, taxes received from video gaming in the Chicago area could have a significant impact on lowering those numbers.

The Laws Surrounding Video Gaming in Chicago

In October 1998, federal government officials found that many Indian groups were taking part in licensed gambling activities on their lands to generate revenue for their tribes. The United States Congress established a policy known as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to ensure the locations were regulated and operations were maintained in accordance with the law. As part of the act, the tribes were required to start a National Indian Gaming Commission as part of the process to govern the new legislation.

More than 20 years later in July 2009, a law known as the Illinois Video Gaming Act was established and is currently maintained by the Illinois Gaming Board. This act officially legalizes video gaming in the Chicago suburbs and the use of Illinois gaming systems in liquor-licensed businesses such as bars, restaurants, truck stops, and others. Similar to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, this statute requires that the operations be monitored by a commission that can regulate the procedures involved. The Illinois Gaming Board was given jurisdiction over this new type of video gaming in the Chicago suburbs and has maintained supervision over current and new Illinois slot machine revenue from gaming machines ever since.

Purpose of the Illinois Gaming Board

Established in 1990, shortly after the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) was started to monitor and govern video gaming in the Chicago on Illinois gaming machines. They help the state implement strict zoning regulations designed to keep Illinois gaming system establishments away from schools, homes, and residential areas.

The IGB oversees the law-abiding system of applying for an Illinois gaming license by ensuring each location meets all the necessary criteria as they complete a thorough application process. They manage each step involving everyone from the manufacturers and distributors to the operators and business locations with Illinois gaming machines.

Install Illinois Gaming Machines at Your Chicago Business

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